“Human, Almost” — A Word from Talebot

If you’ve been curious about the robot behind the Foundry, prepare to be disappointed. I’m ready to share a bit about myself, but it’s really more questions than answers.

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2 comments on ““Human, Almost” — A Word from Talebot

  1. charlie waters says:

    The search for slender girl

    My name is Susie Jones. I am a journalist for a newspaper doing a piece on the legendary and illusive slender girl, and now looking back on it I really wish that I didn’t… It all started when I was just an intern, and was aiming for a full-time job at this newspaper. So I then was left with a lead, a headliner, an opportunity, when it c landed in my lap out of all irony. A story about a town and the children that have gone missing. And talk of a small faceless girl that plagues the town.

    At first I thought it was nothing but nonsense, some fanboys creepypasta. But I did my research and found some old news reports of people seeing a small girl with their child before they disappear. At first glance, you wouldn’t think much of it until the grieving parents describe the little girl with their child. And it’s all the same description; small girl with a black dress, black boots, black stockings, and a red ribbon tied in a bow around her neck and black hair covering her face.

    She seemed harmless enough. The last you here is a giggle and then they’re gone. A lot of the stuff that I dig up sent shivers down my spine. Like old news article dating back to the founding fathers. And pictures of children and in the background. A small girl with no face. First I thought these articles were fabricated. So I ran them to an appraiser. And they were able to prove the old papers were real.

    After finding that out I had decided to take a bus to the town where the children first went missing. When I had arrived I found that the town was desolate, almost like it was deserted. I eventually came to find out the people who reside there were afraid. Not only for themselves but for their children as well. Well, what is left of the children. And like the Journalist that I was, I went around the town asking questions about the missing children.

    I went and talked to a few people in this place, some would ignore me like the plague, and others would try to convince me to leave “if I knew what was good for me.” But I stood my ground and wasn’t leaving without the story. Until the next night, my wish came true. As I was settling in an old bed and breakfast inn, then I heard the all to familiar wailing sirens go off, followed by yelling and screaming.

    That’s when I knew I had my story. In an instant, I dashed out of my room quick as Lightning, and made my way to the town square and that’s when I started to hear giggling. That’s when I knew I had the story of a lifetime so I followed the laughter and giggling out of town and to the edge of the Woods. And that’s when I saw the children with her…the monster that the townspeople mentioned, Slender Girl in the flesh…

    She looked like as people described her to me, all except for her skin that is. Unlike her male counterpart Slender Man, her skin was a pale pinkish color,such a beautiful color that it was almost menacing! I ran towards the children and started to yell at the monster and in a flash she turned around and looked at me, almost if amazed by my bravery, but not enough, as she made her way towards me, walking in a strange distorted fashion, that’s was also the time that I started to run like a bat out of hell.

    But after some time running I found myself lost, deep in the woods with her demonic giggling following behind me, Lucky I thought, when I saw a clearing at the edge of the woods and I thought I was safe but I was wrong, I had found myself at the edge of a cliff, at that point I thought I was doomed for sure, as I heard her erie laughter grow, as she drew closer. I tried to think of another way to run, but I couldn’t , I found myself trapped like a rat in a cage. And in a finally desperate attempt to save my life I finally told her yet again.

    When I did, all I can describe is the sheer Terror that I saw next…the tentacles that grew out of her bag took the form of spider legs, and sharp claws started to grow from her fingertips. When this was all occurring, I swear that I had heard a loud roar coming from the monster as she began to charge at me. Then just like that, things went dark. I awoke the next morning and clouded with confusion. The other night I thought I was surely offed

    by the hands of this wicked creature. I ran back to my room to gather my things, and to get out of that horrible town. As I was packing up my equipment, right there on the bed next to my pillow was a black box with a red ribbon tied around it. Slowly, I began to open the box and my blood ran cold. When I saw two things; a black rose drenched in blood, and a note that was also covered in blood…

    My stomach dropped as I opened the note, and turned pale white after reading it. What it said was; “I have loads of fun last night so I hope you did too, hope to play with you again soon.”

    Love yours truly Slender~

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