The New Year

This is an interesting way to kick off 2018…

To a lot of you it may look like the foundry didn’t ring in the new year at all. Our channel and most of our social media has been radio silent for probably weeks at this point. We haven’t alluded to any additional content, and we haven’t provided any explanation for our absence.

The truth is that we’ve been swamped with Tale Foundry work. Between the production of the second H.P. Lovecraft video and a metric gigaton of updates, we’ve scarcely had time to breathe.


What’s Been Going on at the Foundry?

For starters, we’ve been working hard to overhaul our Patreon. We always felt the rewards system we had in place was a little anemic, so we’ve instituted this monster to make up the difference:


And this is really the thing that’s been eating up most of our time for the last several weeks. It’s a lot to introduce in one fell swoop, so there was a lot of preparation to do. Now that the bomb’s been dropped, we can slowly start to shift back into work as usual (with the caveat of sending out tons of rewards all the time).

But there are also some other changes you should probably know about, because they’re also really exciting, and have also cost us a significant amount of time:


The Other Stuff

  • Goals: we’ve updated our goals on Patreon to include the creation of an official Tale Foundry book, an graphically updated and organized (but still fan-run) reddit page, an official Tale Foundry forum, hardware upgrades, better graphics for stories, a second behind-the-scenes channel, live appearances at conventions (and book signings, etc.), better merchandise, fan-written stories on the main channel, and finally the exploration of the foundry.
  • Upload Schedule: we’ve officially changed our upload schedule (although we have yet to pick through all of our websites and change the information on them to reflect this; expect that change soon as well). We’re no longer attempting to upload our three-part series by-the-month. The content we produce requires a lot of work. Trying to squeeze it all into such an ambitiously short timeframe was both piling unnecessary stress onto us and hurting the quality of our work. So expect 1-2 videos a month going forward and our series to be a little more sporadically-spaced from this point on. This should also allow us the freedom to consider one-shot episodes and more experimental pieces now and then, although that’s only a possibility right now, not a probability. Not yet.
  • New Design: we’ve added a new design to our store! It was created for us by the lovely Molecula and will be available as an alternative on most of the items we offer.

So… that’s a lot in a very short timeframe. Needless to say, our attention’s been a little divided. Thanks for being so patient with us while we perpetually try to improve the show and reward the community.

We love all of you. Here’s to everything we made in 2017, and everything we’ll make in the year to come.
—The Tale Foundry Team


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