“From a Seedling of Cast-Off Self”

How does a species attain its perfection? What must mankind do to hurdle all barriers and begin its ascension? Under the guidance of their long-dead exemplar, a master and pupil embark on a journey to find out.

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***View the video description on Youtube for sources/attributions/additional information***


4 comments on ““From a Seedling of Cast-Off Self”

  1. Dave says:

    Outstanding story. I was curious however, if there was a typed transcript available for public reading. While I did enjoy your narration I want to really dissect the story and identify its elements but it is hard to do that in audio form without just replaying the whole video again.

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  2. Dallin Harward says:

    After listening to a few short minutes, I thought the story sounds quite interesting. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to understand to the pseudo-german accented narration. I have a budding interest in the Tale Foundry and I fancy the notion of an anthology, however, I think each of these individual stories should be accompanied by its own readable text version. This is especially recommendable if vocal theatrics are used in the video narrations.


    • I absolutely agree. However, producing the quality of book we’d want to place these stories in is an expensive affair, so unfortunately it won’t come to fruition until we reach our $1,500 monthly pledge goal on Patreon. That’s not incredibly far off at this point, though!


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