2 comments on “Tale Foundry is Changing… (demonetized + more)

  1. Yhiira says:

    Hello, I couldn’t find a way to contact you so I’m gonna write here. I’ve been a fan of your youtube channel for 2 years now and I’m really sad about what happened to it with demonetization. I’d like to help if I can, I’m a nerdy musical composition student who has access to some very good VSTs and the help of a faculty full of musicians, if need be. I can compose/arange you a different piece for every video FOR FREE. All I ask is credits in the description and possibly a link to my social media. If you’d like to try me, please contact me from my e-mail address. Just a fan…

  2. thetalefoundry says:

    “An Example Submission”, by Benjamin Cook

    This is my example entry. I’m writing it strictly so that everyone submitting for the writing group stream will know exactly what we’ll be looking for. It’s nothing fancy, but honestly, it doesn’t have to be. What matters here is that every soul who comes looking for guidance will have their guidance. And the thing is, I know this isn’t going to be anywhere near 300 words, but really, in the end, is that what matters?


    What matters is that, if you’re reading this, you pretty much get the gist of what this whole thing is about, and that’s really what counts. If this post has helped you, what else does it need to do?

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