Writing Group: The Love Story Of [???] & [???]

Hello, lovebirds!

Not exactly February anymore, is it? Valentine’s day is long gone. So what’s this weird, saccharine thing about? Why all the romance? Well, it is about to be April—April 1st, to be precise—and there has been a mighty hunger among the Discord community for something… strange. A joke, which just won’t go away. That’s why…

This week’s prompt is:


The Love Story of [???] & [???]


Make sure you scroll down and read them if you haven’t! You may not be eligible if you don’t!


If you haven’t picked up in it by now, this week y’all are gonna be writing slash-fic. 

Yes. You read that right.

NOTE: this is not an excuse to write erotica. Most of the usual rules apply, but the thing we’re losing this week is the ban on fan fiction (read the new temporary rules for more on this). So go crazy. Slot whatever characters, people, deities, entities… I don’t know… objects? Sure. Objects. Slot whatever things you want into the [???] placeholders in the prompt and write that story.

I’m looking forward to the sheer discomfort you’re all about to make me feel. I’m sure you are too.

But! For those who are still aching to write something a little more serious, you can do that! Just slot two of your original characters into those spaces and tell us that story. Heck, you could even write “The Love Story of Fear & Necessity” and present us with something truly abstract and fascinating about sentient emotions, grappling with each other within a person.

There’s still room for whatever brand of creativity you want to put to work here…

But there’s also room for some of the goofy things I know y’all have been aching to write forever…

You depraved creatures. You know who you are…



Remember, this is part of our weekly Writing Group stream! Submit a little piece following the rules and guidelines below, and there’s a chance your entry will be read live on stream! In addition, we’ll discuss it for a minute and give you some feedback.

Tune into the stream this Friday at 7:00pm CST to see if you made the cut!

The whole purpose of this is to show off the creativity of the community, while also helping each other to become better writers. Lean into that spirit, and get ready to help each other improve their confidence in their writing, as well as their skill with their craft!


Rules and Guidelines

We read six stories during each stream, three of which come from the public post, and three of which come from the much smaller private post. Submissions are randomly selected from among the top ten most-liked of each post, so be sure to share your submissions on social media and with your friends!

  • English only.
  • Prose only, no poetry or lyrics.
  • One submission per participant.
  • Use proper spelling, grammar, and syntax.
  • Submit your entry in a comment on this post.
  • Submissions close at 4:00pm CST each Friday.
  • Include a submission title and an author name (doesn’t have to be your real name).
  • Keep submissions “safe-for-work”; be sparing with sexuality, violence, and profanity.
  • Your piece must be between 250-350 words (you can use this website to see your wordcount).
  • Write something brand new (no re-submitting past entries or stories written for other purposes).
  • Try to focus on making your submission a single meaningful moment rather than an entire story.
  • THIS IS DIFFERENT: Please format your submission as “Submission Title: The Love Story of [???] & [???]” by Author Name and be sure to separate paragraphs. Of course, replace [???] with the name of each character/person in question. (Example Submission)
  • YOU MAY WRITE FAN FICTION THIS WEEK ONLY. No slander or defamation, however. You can make characters act silly, but please don’t portray Shrek as a rapist.
  • PROVIDE CONTEXT. After your story, include a small blurb in parenthesis about where these characters came from. If they’re original characters, just say that. This will not contribute to your word count. (Example: (Context: This story includes Gollum, from Lord of the Rings, and The Pale Man, from Pan’s Labyrinth)).
  • Original art may be included in your submission, but is not guaranteed to be shown on stream. Only .jpeg format images shared via a direct link will be accepted. (Example Submission) (Information on “Direct Links”)
  • No additional formatting (such as italics or bold text) will be applied to the text of submissions. Symbols or instruction indicating such formatting may render your submission ineligible.
  • You must like and leave a review on two other submissions to be eligible, and your reviews must be at least 50 words long. If you’re submitting to the private post, feel free to leave these reviews on either the private or the public post. The two submissions you like need not be the same as the submissions you review.
  • Understand that by submitting here, you are giving us permission to read your submission aloud live on stream and upload public, archived recordings of said stream to our social media platforms. You will always be credited, but only by the author name you supply as per these rules. No other links or attributions are guaranteed.

Comments on this post that aren’t submissions will be deleted, except for replies/reviews left on existing submissions.


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3 years ago

An awkward talk: The love story of Flint and Niki.
(Context: An Oringinal Work)
By: SrSkull45

“Yes Flint?”
“Why do you always like touching my back?… Niki?”
Niki looked puzzled.
“What do you mean Flint?”
“Sorry its just that everytime we hug or my back is facing you I always feel your hands caressing my bare spine or waist under my shirt.
Niki had a light bulb go off.
“Niki, you good?”
Niki replied immediately with,”Well you have a soft back…”
“Y-yeah you have peach fuzz on your back and I love it.”

Flint chuckled,”Peach fuzz?”
“What? Its likes when you have light hairs somewhere like your chest or face. It’s like peach fuzz.”

“There’s gotta be more than that… right?”
Niki looks away and she whistles a little tune as she backs away.

“Come on Niki it’s fine you can tell me.”
Niki looks over to Flint. “You sure you want to hear me say this?”
“Very much so.”
“Dont say I didn’t warn you.”

Niki looks Flint dead in the eyes and says,” I just l-like imagining you in a-a fluff yaoi manga.”
“I’m sorry what?”
“Its yaoi but wholesome.”

“Well usually there is a small skinny guy and a big guy but your in the middle. Your skinny but muscular in some areas, especially your back.”
“But w-why the back?”
“Well, artists draw the backs of characters alot and they tend to be kinda sexy looking.”

“So you have a back fetish?”
Niki was stunned for a moment. “Well when you put it like that, I-I-I suppose. I-I know it’s wei-!”

Flint interrupted her with a strong hug. Flint lowered his head down arching his back over her. He whispers,”Shhh, it’s all good, just dont be as touchy in public.”
Niki was overwhelmed with the sudden change in tone.

“Hey what’s the big idea!?”
Niki said as she pushed him away.
“S-sorry I got a little carried away there, its just I didn’t have a better segway to tell you I kinda like it but I don’t when my friends get ideas about us.”
Niki bursted out laughing.
“PFF I love you, you bloody loser”

Michael L Collins
3 years ago

The Love Story of Bobby and Bobbie (By Lakemoron)

Bobbie rechecked her phone. It was nine-thirty and still no Bobby. He was two hours late and going to miss the train. He was never late for anything, but now with something so crucial, he was late. Bobbie thought about how they met back in school, the jokes about their names. Their first date by the slides where they shared a sandwich. All that seemed like a lifetime ago.
Bobby came around the corner with a backpack on his back and carrying a suitcase.
Bobbie said, “You’re late.”
Bobby put his case down and took hold of Bobbie’s hands, pulling them close.
He said, “It took some time to getaway. I wanted to make sure I was ready for this.”
Bobby picked up his case, and the two got onto the train and found some seats. Bobbie took Bobby’s hand and stared out the window as the train started to move.
Bobbie said, “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. By tomorrow they won’t be able to separate us again.”
Bobby said, “I love you, and that’s all that matters.”
Bobbie’s phone chimed, “Where are you?”
She sent back, “Out.”
A second later, her phone rang, showing a picture of her mother. Bobbie thought about not answering her.
Bobbie said, “Hello.”
“Young lady, you know better than to answer me with such a glib response. When I ask you where you are, you tell me,” her mother said in a crisp harsh tone.
Bobbie looked over at Bobby.
She said, “I’m with Bobby and were in love.”
Her mother replied, “You two are eight-years-old; what do you know about love. Just get home within the next hour, and just maybe I won’t ground you.”
Bobbie and Bobby got out of the toy house painted to look like a train car and went home knowing they would be back again.

Giovani A.
Giovani A.
3 years ago

“The Vista From Hell Is Beautiful:
An Love Story Between Violet and Ari”
By Giovani A.

The air was hot and humid. The rain cloud came and past for days, intul finally it poured, poured in the worst possible moment like always, ruining their date.

Violet tried to hide the anger in themself for suggesting an picnic on top of the mountain, but at that he failed. Ari had already noticed, but at the moment she didn’t say anything just yet, just stared and thinked.

They had to make an run for it, hiding under the closest tree, the closest tree that wasn’t close at all, so it got them soaking.

And then, after thinking of how their plans were ruined by the temper of the clouds above, about their only nice, not-work clothes soaking wet, about Violet’s hair completely wet and how funny they would look when it dryed, she started laughing.

Not an shy laugh mind you, it was the kind of laugh you have when some stupid, but harmless mistakes ruins your plans for the perfect date.

She also made her laugh not shy so Violet could focus on something other than their anger, and when Violet asked “Why are you laughing?” shyly, she had that small smurk on her face of whenever she looks at Ari.

“You looked so mad!” Ari said, whilts looking back at Violet “You looked up at the sky like you were going to murder it!”

“Well” Violet knew well what Ari was trying to do, and that made her happy again “You know i would, the sky got nothin’ on this guns, baby” An comically timed wink and an flex of their arms soon followed the statement.

And Ari laughed. And Violet Laughed. And they kept talking and making eachother laugh intul the storm parted.

And when they finally talked the storm away, and were on their way back home, from on top of that mountain, Ari said

“You know… The vista from here isn’t so bad with you”

“… Yeah” Violet said, only able to agree.
(Context is both are OCs)

jorge cam
jorge cam
3 years ago


The love of hate and attraction

it began long ago since we first met she was in all my classes I could NEVER BUILD courage to speak to her, To try and relate to her, But i never did. every morning she flaunted he beauty her thick red hair, And soft words beckon me as a sirens call every night she was in my dreams, And she was there every morning, but since i never talked to her i began to hate the sight of her every action she took no matter how small cause my insides to toss and turn in anger she was the embodiment of everything i could not obtain. That which always eluded me as time went on my hatred only grew as she gained more beauty with time, And as she continued to elude me every time she raised her hand i wished i could just have that confidence just to speak to her, But i didn’t and that caused me to hate her even more, the hate began to spew out of every pore of my being. She was the bane of my exitance her green eye bore to my soul when i faced her even for a second and that’s why She had to die, And even though i hated her, I still like to see her under my podium in between the classes i teach i still feel attracted.

Matthew G Coleman
Matthew G Coleman
3 years ago

The Love Story of Responsibility and Age, by M.G. Coleman

Douglas had seen this day coming, in spite of his age. How could he not? It had been his father’s duty, and the duty of his father’s father before him.

A soft clucking issued from under the boy’s arm as he made his way out to the old meadow late that arid summer day. Wheat Beak the hen was looking up at him, her head cocked at an inquisitive angle. It had been several weeks since she had last given eggs and so the boy’s father had set him with the grim task of putting meat on the family’s table. As an act of compassion, he had given the boy an axe – as he knew that wringing the hen’s neck was beyond the tender youth.

Wheat Beak was nearly as old as Douglas, and his earliest memory on the farm was greeting her when she hatched from that meager white oval. He had always fed her by hand – even when her siblings had grown and hesitant at the idea of being close to a human caused them to scatter, Wheat Beak had no such qualms. She had a limp from the time a fox had snapped at her leg, only for Douglas to chase it off with a stick. Her left eye was fogged with a cataract, damaged from when their rooster had scratched at her. Even while the other hens went out pecking and scratching for grubs, Wheat Beak would spend many a lazy afternoon laid up near the boy as Douglas slowly stroked her aged feathers.

“I’ll miss you, girl” Douglas’s words wavered in his throat as he gently placed the fowl’s head flat against the stump.The poor creature had hardly any notion of the position it was in, and its old bones gave no resistance to the hands it had so long trusted. It clucked softly, its fogged eye reflecting the rain on the boy’s soft features

The boy raised his hand. The axe fell.

3 years ago

The Love Story of the Man Who Called for Help & She Who Answered. She could hear it, even far above ground in the EGG Facility’s Lobby. A sound. A horrible, grating sound. Before, the Embryon had come here to retrieve the girl they had all welcomed as family. She had been the one to save them with her arrival, and it was their turn to save her. The rescue was a success, but… The one who had been stuck on his own had unwillingly scarred her. Heat had been manipulated into seeing his own Leader, his own lover, as a threat, and had run him through on the claws the Karma Society itself had given him. The same claws that had kept them safe from harm for so long… had split them apart. Argilla and their new ally, Roland, sacrificed themselves to protect Sera, Gale, Cielo, and Zuki. God was due to strip the earth to it’s very core at sunrise. They had to bring Sera, their Cyber Shaman, to the very facility they had rescued her from, in order for her to try to commune with God once more and ask them to stop. Zuki had heard it, the sound from her nightmares. With a longing look at those whom she cared so deeply for, she took the elevator down into the now dark depths alone. The corruption from the God that resided in the Sun had changed the sterile halls, now lining them with masses of flesh that were once humans. Half Human/Demon masses wandered the halls, and vortexes of energy stood in place of doors. She ran through, not bothering to change into her own Atma, Rati. She did not even want to bring the Demoness who embodied her subconscious into the conflict. The sad, bitter sound guided her through the disorientating halls, to a simple, straight hallway. Here, the sound was at it’s loudest, and it’s quietest. Here, the two people she and Rati loved resided, in body and spirit. The sound was clearer her. It was no longer loud and grating roars, but sad and bitter sobs. “H…Help… Help….! I want…this to stop… This damned nightmare…! Serph…” The door opened with a soft click, and a creak that echoed through the large chamber. Zuki gazed up at the massive being made of vaguely-familiar mouths, tendrils, and gaping, fanged maws that slowly ceased their sobbing as it,- he -, noticed her. She smiled, a face of acceptance, love, and sorrow. “Heat… Don’t worry… The nightmare will end soon.” She walked to the end of the catwalk, opening her arms as her’s and Rati’s unsaid love coursed through her. Indigo lines swirled along her body, emanating from the Atma Brand on her shoulder. Heat leaned his now massive head down to see her. All she could feel from him was exhaustion and sadness. He chuckled, an unhappy sound. “You know what this means, don’t you? Come on, I know you’re not an idiot.” “I know. I… Read more »

3 years ago

The Love Story of the Secret Tryst & the Pain it Caused.

I could see them, and it hurt.

Why did it hurt? How did it hurt? What even was this? Why wouldn’t the being that had been….awakened deep in her mind by that damned light tell her why?
All she did was stay silent, observing as she did.

She wasn’t even supposed to be here… Gale, their pragmatic Bishop, had simply asked Zuki if she could retrieve some hard-copy documents from his quarters. She had done so, but had to take a rather…abstract route back. The destruction done to their base after the Solids had raided it meant that many of the already confusing corridors that wound through the Embryon’s base had to be renovated, leaving Zuki with little option but to take an unusual route back to the higher-tech Strategy room that Gale used for his work.

Thus, leading to her predicament.

She could see the silver-haired Leader of the Embryon with his flame-haired Second in Command, standing there in what they thought was a remote corner, sharing a tender moment.
She could see how Heat ran his fingers through Serph’s short, messy hair. She could see how Serph leaned into that larger hand.
She could see how Serph, despite being shorter, reached a hand up to twine around Heat’s longer locks that flowed over his shoulders like liquid flame. He gripped it firmly, yet gently, and tugged him down to meet his lips in a gentile kiss that made her heart and soul hurt.

She needed to be a part of that. Rati craved to be a part of that.
They wanted to have Serph’s slender arms and Heat’s muscular arms wrapped around them. They wanted to partake in the soft, passionate kisses that they shared.

They loved them beyond words, beyond feelings, and yet…

The two men were happy. If they told them how they felt, it might shatter their fragile peace.
This was fine. No matter how much it hurt. No matter how much the blades of love cut deeply into their hearts.

As long as Heat and Serph were happy, Zuki and Rati were at peace.
(Zuki and Rati are Original Characters.)
(Serph, Heat, and Gale are all characters from Yu Godai’s “Quantum Devil Saga” series. The Solids and the Embryon are two of the six warring Tribes from the Junkyard, the setting of her story.)

3 years ago

Everlasting Love:“The Love Story of Leana & Carmine”
By: Sidero

She remembers it clear as day, despite having their fateful meeting happened millennia ago.

She is a fey, a Leanan Sidhe to be exact. By their nature their love is always short- lived. cut short too fast, unlike most fey who can keep their mortal lovers in their own realm the sidhe’s love is destructive in exchange for their favor and inspiration, Is the life force of their lovers.

A lover of a Leanan Sidhe, only faces death.

So what happens? when she love’s an undying.

She remembers it clearly, near one of her ventures. She took refuge in a riverbank, watching the settlement of humans from afar. It was a beautiful night.

That was the night she saw her.

Her Carmine.

A raven haired girl, with the eyes of rubies, that can even put her Queen’s treasures to shame.
She was dressed darkly, like a wraith that haunt’s an ancient castle. For once in her immortal existence the lovely fey was the one who was enthralled. So much so that she didn’t notice the dark haired was staring straight at her, approaching only snapping out of her reverie once their only arm lengths apart.

“Do you know how hard it is to find your kind? It’s quite troublesome.” the dark haired stranger states casually as if she was talking about the weather. This is when i found out that before me is one of those blood – drinkers, Vampires are what the common folk call them.
The dark haired stranger explains her plight, her immortal body makes it so that any lover’s die again and again and she tires of the loss. She seeks companionship of someone, she won’t fear to lose through the trials of time.

“My dearest, Leanan Sidhe marry me and be alone nevermore.”

Whether it was pure curiosity or the kinship she feels towards the Vampires plight she accepts and thus she becomes leana to her darling carmine.

For their love is, everlasting.

(Context: Original)

3 years ago

Palpy Ren: The Love Story of Palpatine and Kylo Ren
By Speckled

Palpatine gazed at the strapping, high-pants wearing, moody, greasy haired STUD standing before him in his throne room. His breath caught, never before had he seen the dark side produce something so conventionally beautiful.

“DArk loRD I Am hERe to DEstroy you.” Echoed the young man’s voice. Palpy knew this young man. He had felt his presence DEEPLY with the force.

He remembered hundreds of years ago, when, as the Republic Senator, he had first felt Ren-chan’s midichlorians. Yet to be born, Ren-chan’s midichlorians whispered their future to Senator Palpy in passing, and Palpatine felt a wonder and true longing he had never felt until that point. Ever since that moment, he knew his whole life was only leading to one thing.

He remembered carrying out his plan to take over the republic and forge his empire. He prophesied the future to plan everything to lay out perfectly, creating Darth Vader, anticipating his rebellion, the empires fall, and the rise of the First Order. The Empire was only to create the First Order, Darth Vader didn’t matter, only as a tool to groom Kylo. All of it was for Ren-chan all along. Everything had led to this moment. Now Ren-chan was before him, in his throne room.

There was only one problem.

“Kylo, what are you doing?”

Rey Star-wars entered the room. Palpy was disappointed, but she was an unfortunate byproduct of his plans to take Kylo for himself.

“I’m not the real Palpatine, only a clone. The real Palpatine is downstairs.”

Ms. Star-wars took off. She never noticed Kylo, on account of his dark clothes.

The battle between Palpatine and Kylo was intense and one-sided. Fueled by his Love, Palpatine easily overpowered Kylo

Before long, Palpatine had disarmed and restrained Kylo. A distant explosion told him Rey had discovered the contained nuclear warhead he had placed for her. Palpy ordered his army to retreat. The rebels would assume the day was won, and leave Palpy and Ren-chan alone.
It was finally time to execute order 69.

(Context: This story uses Palpatine, Kylo Ren, and Rey, from the Star Wars franchise.)

3 years ago

As I was reading it, I pictured the characters and the scenography out as if it was a combination of Modern Family episode (the tv show) with Life is Strange (the videogame). Probably this was not your original intention, but I found it quite entertaining and somewhat amusing. I don’t know much (being much an euphemism of nothing) about this type of roleplaying you talk of, but I hope these too characters find a way of getting to know better each other.

3 years ago

Quantum lunar dreams

The Love Story of the Bull & the Moon

Every other bull would always have stared to the ground, looking for an eternity of grass and sweet dew, but the Bull in White was no ordinary beef. Not even the leafiest patch of grass, nor the most serene pool of blackest waters would had him take a moment his gaze away from the Moon, for he knew that the instant he would turn his eyes away from her beloved, she would vanish like a quantum dream. This Bull was no scientist, he didn’t even knew what a particle was or a quatum meant, but he knew what love was and that in this love resided the mere existence of his white, rounded Moon.

And thus, this sentient animal stared for days, not even blinking for a mere second. He did not eat, nor drink, nor sleep or take a moment of rest, for he could not stand losing his gilded white rounded love. Weeks passed and the Bull’s strenght diminished, but this wasn’t enough of a reason for him to stop, since he knew that a moment of rest could mean and eternity of loneliness. As the Bull got weaker he observed that the rounded Moon was not rounded anymore. A silhouette of shadow had been casted upon her face. Desperately, he stood up with all his might and moaned into the sky, but as days passed the Moon got more and more as a sliver until she finally disappeared not to be seen at all.

The Bull cried outloud, blaming himself for his lack of strenght and let his body lay still on the grass, waiting for death to take him. Days passed and the Bull was but a husk of what he once was. Death hanged a few feet upon him, he could see the light at the end, and… He realised. This was no fading light, it was the moon, born anew. Every fear dispersed in his heart and in such way he rejoined his beloved once again and for always in the sky.

(Note: Hi there! I would like to say that English is not my native language, so I want to apologize for any gramatical or orthographical errors that there may be. This is my first contribution to this forum and I’m not sure how good or interesting for you can it be, but I hope you like it. The characters are inspired from the poetry of Federico García Lorca, a Spanish and Granadine author, which I’ve combined with my particular love of science. Thanks a lot for reading! 😀 )

3 years ago

Something Precious
By BrokenEarth

A hollow, empty feeling that you can’t shake.

Dark thoughts you can’t ignore.

Tears in your eyes nobody can see.

That’s what it feels like. To lose something precious. I’m sure you’ve felt it. It doesn’t matter how big or small it was. It doesn’t matter if people say it wasn’t important. They know the feeling. They need to remember that feeling.

This pain… It’s the one thing that unites all of us. Without it we would not be human. Sometimes it’s all that keeps us human.

We write love stories because of this feeling, you know. Fantasizing about impossible romance, unshakable commitment, and undying love makes us forget how lonely we are.

Something precious to me is gone, but I never knew what it was.

I feel mocked by the despair of the world, telling me I have it good. That my pain isn’t near theirs.

My pain is theirs. Their pain is mine. I know the pain.

Still, life goes on. And so do I.

I pray you do too.”


Cassiel stood up. Samael, her grandfather, had passed away three years ago. His words grew in meaning to her every time she read them, even though they weren’t written for her.

It was his birthday. Perhaps the only day Cassiel felt she could let her emotions show. It would’ve been his sixty-eighth birthday.

Her parents didn’t talk about her grandpa much, which made it feel like a taboo topic to Cassiel even before he passed, and so the silence of the attic felt almost the same as being around them.

Tears were now brimming to Cassiel’s eyes, something she did not expect, but she let the tears fall. No point holding them back when her grandpa’s journals and letters were the only things around.

It was too bad he never wrote how to get past the feeling of loss.

3 years ago

The love story of Ludwig, the holy blade and the Holy Moonlight Sword
By Will

I shut my eyes. I see them still. Burning bright they dance and flicker, a fleeting thing, a graceful thing, my guiding moonlight little more than a hair that softly and suddenly splits the dark. They sing their sweet tune; a ringing, resonant voice erupts with splendor as I thrust them forward, my true mentor guiding my actions as the stars dance amidst their body and the foul beast, a horrid thing more vile than even the most wretched of abominations falls beneath their grandeur, our grandeur, our grace. No blade is more perfect. No wielder more fit.

Their curvaceous handle, a dull green that eludes to it’s majesty that almost grips back as it wants to be held, it wants me to hold them, I want to hold them in my hands and have them bask in our glory with me. Their pommel is smooth and bitingly cold. A cold that burns so sweetly as though an icy star lays nestled within it, shrouded by the milky frost of the churning cosmos painted into the blade, vast yet slender, giving of light, moonlight, ever at my side as our radiance rallies forth the best in us all.

They are mine, they are mine, mine, I am there’s, they are mine. A beast, another beast and another and another and another and another, a river of blood that flows through the streets and plagues my love, coating their divinely gifted face. I wipe it, it stains my clothes, my holy shawl of the healing church, it doesn’t matter, they are clean. The beasts, they caused this, their face to dull. None will see the light for this perversion of beauty.

Blood, blood, fire, blood, the night encircles all. Where are you? My guiding light, oh please, where are you now? I see corpses, I see blood, I see darkness, I see blood, I see stone walls keeping me here, trapping me here. Did they take you? I’ve torn apart their bodies, please be mine, I’ve done this for you. Where, in these blackest of nights, are you? My guiding moonlight…

(Context: The characters come from the game Bloodborne, with the narrator being Ludwig the holy blade. The sword he wields is the holy moonlight sword, a sentient sword that channels the abyssal power of the cosmos and only shows itself to those it deems worthy. The idea was to show the reverence he had for his blade and how I imagined love to turn to madness, going from a great hero to the most horribly mutated beast.)

3 years ago

The Love Story of Bill Cipher & Dipper Pines
By LumiKat117 (Lumi)

The sound of snapping twigs alerted him to the approach of something large. He tensed, looking around for somewhere to hide before scrambling up the trunk of an old pine.

He took refuge in its branches just as the undergrowth hissed from the passing of the creature. Not a gremloblin, though maybe related? He pulled out his sketchbook and sketched out it’s bulky body as it snuffled, smelling the air.

He was almost finished with the basic body shape when it suddenly snapped to attention, spinning towards the direction that Dipper had arrived from. It growled lowly, eyes glowing purple- he jotted that down- before it began to cower, letting out a gurgling whine before hightailing it out of there.

Frustrated at having lost the rare creature but curious as to what could’ve scared it off, he watched closely for it, hoping it would enter the clearing. He thought he could see a silhouette in the distance before it suddenly disappeared. He grumbled in disappointment and leaned back against the warm tree trunk.



He yelped and jolted forward, narrowly avoiding falling out of the tree. His ears were filled with the sound of high pitched, obnoxious laughter. He turned and glared at the man that had appeared behind him, punching him lightly in the shoulder after regaining his balance. “Dammit Bill! That’s not funny!”

The humanoid demon just kept laughing, golden eyes closed as he clutched his side from the intensity of his laughter. The human just watched him with a glare until it died down, Bill wiping a mirthful tear away. “Oh Pine Tree, of COURSE it was! Your reactions are HILARIOUS!”

Dipper sighs, rolling his eyes. “You’ve always said that, for years now, since you were stuck with me.”

“And everytime you still get just as easily spooked.” He hummed, teasing him goodnaturedly with a playful wink.

He blushed with a shake of his head. “Are you done?”

“Yes I am~”

“Good. Let’s go home then, nothing’s going to be around now that you’re here.” He took his boyfriend’s hand with a grumble, being blipped home.

((The characters Bill Cipher and Dipper Pines are from the cartoon Gravity Falls.))

3 years ago

“Pillow Fight! The Love Story of Luce and Maya” by JosieDearly

(Context: This features original characters that in present times have broken up. This is a moment in their past, where Maya has invited Luce to a sleepover.)

Luce grunted as she tried to pull her pillow out from her bag. Damn, how did it get stuck…? She pulled again, and again, and just as Maya knelt next to her to help, the pillow dislodged, only to hit Maya in the face.


Luce scrambled upright, covering her mouth with her hands as she watched her girlfriend push herself upright, rubbing the back of her head. She flinched and went silent when Maya looked at her, glaring with fierce ocean eyes… Before she smirked.

“You’re paying for that!” Maya exclaimed, before she jumped up and grabbed a fluffy green pillow from her own bed, and whacked Luce with it, who squeaked and defended herself with her own pillow shield.

Maya attacked again, landing a barrage of pillow attacks upon her girlfriend, who only had a single pillow to protect herself. But soon the attack ended as Maya paused to catch her breath, and Luce saw her opportunity. With a cry, she hit her in the ribs, taking her breath away and pushing her back, but the girl laughed, and only grabbed another pillow off her bed.

Luce gulped, her eyes widening, and suddenly Maya advanced, this time dealing double the hits as she landed blow after blow on Luce’s squishy shield.

Overwhelmed, she staggered backwards, until her back hit the wall. With nowhere to run, Maya pinned her against it, pillows on either side of her head, so she could only look forward at her attacker.

“Nowhere to run, sweetheart,” Maya whispered sweetly as she leaned in close. Luce could only chuckle sheepishly, gulping as she gazed up into Maya’s eyes. They sparkled a brilliant blue with an ever-present energy. Like looking into blue stars…

Maya giggled, leaning in and breaking Luce’s trance with a peck on her lips. She blushed hard, and she whined as she hid behind her pillow.

“… Sorry Maya…”

“Alright, alright, babe, I forgive you,” Maya relented with a laugh as she pulled her hands back, dropping her pillows so she could hug Luce tightly, “I was just playing around Lulu, it’s okay.”


3 years ago

“Doomed to Power: The Love Story of He-Man and Skeletor”
By: Joshua

Both were convinced they were cursed. Neither could remember a time when they didn’t face each other on the field of battle, clashing sword against staff, cunning against power. Even if at that point both already knew which one would come out the victor, they still met time and time again. Skeletor, because his fierce sense of determinism denied him admitting the simple fact that any ember of victory had been smothered long ago. And He-Man, because he was the hero of Eternia, and Skeletor his greatest nemesis, what else was he supposed to do? Yet, unknown to even their closest allies, some of whom they even considered family, a different bout brewed beneath the surface.

It had started as the natural respect grown between two rivals over years of competition. They had faced each other so many times, one could easily recall every minute detail of the other with little effort. Yet, over time, each found themselves focusing on certain details over others. Tried as he might, Skeletor could not stop himself from obsessing over the strategically segmented proportions of his foe’s abs, the finely sculpted curves of his pectorals, even the ways his downy skirt perfectly captured the swell of his glutes. Adam, He-Man, found himself constantly thinking of the cerulean shad of the villain’s skin. Namely how it always reminded him of the quiet nights when he snuck from his chambers, and slept under the light of the stars in the castle gardens. Or the smile that always came to his face when he recalled Skeletor’s ridiculous chuckle. And, Adam had to admit, he had a pretty cute butt to boot.

And yet…both also knew they could never truly act on…whatever this was. They were their world’s greatest hero and villain. What would everyone else say if they knew what truly rested in their hearts? So, they instead find themselves doomed to only meet on the battlefield, praying that one day this fire in their souls may at last leave them. Even if, at this point, they know it never will.

(Context: This post focuses on He-Man and Skeleton from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe).

3 years ago

Title: Bliss in a Blizzard: The Blossoming Love of Erin and William (My MCs)

By: Twangyflame0

Erin rubbed furiously to get the kindling started. William sat dejectedly in the corner, “I’m sorry, I should have-”

“It doesn’t matter,” Erin was in no mood for a pity party, “Just take my blanket and get some sleep. I’ll have a fire up in no time.”

“But what about you, you’ll freeze.”

“I’ve been in worse, now get some sleep.”

The only noise inside the cold cave, besides the lighting of kindling, was the chilling wind. It had been unlucky, but if Erin hadn’t cut the pack off of William’s back, they both would have fallen down the chasm. That image of William falling replayed over and over again in her head, her heart lurching a little each time. She wondered why? It wasn’t like her to do that.

Finally, the fire caught and Erin pressed herself as close as she could. She could see her shuddering breaths, she could feel aching fingers. It was going to bed a very cold-

“Gah!” From behind and with the blanket in his hands, William wrapped his arms around Erin in a bear hug, much to her repulsion, “What are you doing?!”

“I’m not going to lay down and let someone I care about freeze to death!” William would look serious if a shade of pink wasn’t growing on his cheeks.

“My job is to protect you, William, it doesn’t matter what happens to me!”

“It matters to me!”

Now both were blushing, though neither would tell the other. Erin didn’t know why this had started to happen between them. Every little interaction between them had started to feel heavier to her. And whenever they were alone, she felt a heat in her chest. Her reaction was to push him away and call him an idiot, but she found her words to be quite different,

“Fine, but if you do anything weird, I’ll cut you.”

“As long as your safe, I don’t really care what you do to me.”

“Sh-Shut up.” She would never admit it, but she felt really happy in this moment, just with William.

Matthew (Handsome Johanson)
Matthew (Handsome Johanson)
3 years ago

Benji x BenjxGatte by Matthew (Handsome Johanson)

Benji furled his signature beanie.

‘Do they really want to do this prompt again?’ He thought as the suggestions for “Benji x Gatte” came rolling in from the Twitch chat for the third week in a row. Sure, Benji x Gatte was cute, but he didn’t really think it was… appropriate for the writing group.
‘After all, my girlfriend might be watching the stream, and she could get jealous.’ He thought.

“I think we will have to wait until April Fools’ for that one, guys, haha.” He said as nonchalantly as he could.

“April Fools’ is in a couple days, Benji” the comment stuck out like a sore thumb, even if Benji tried to ignore it.

“O-oh!” Benji muttered as his face turned bright red. “Uh. I-I guess we could do that prompt then.” Benji stared at the prompt which he had so long been avoiding. Benji x Gatte blushed and smiled back.

“N-no. That’s too specific. People aren’t going to get the inside joke! They might think I-I actually like him that way. No.” Tsundere Benji refused to admit he had any inclination towards the prompt which had haunted his life for so long. The Twitch chat begged and pleaded, but as far as he was concerned, Benji x Gatte was more trouble than it’s worth.

Benji x Gatte was tearing up now, and it struck at Benji’s heart deeper than any twitch comment ever could.

“So, y-you liked me too?” Benji whispered while live streaming to his audience. Benji x Gatte nodded and blew Benji a kiss. Instinctively, he caught it and put it on his cheek.

“I’m so glad you feel the same way.” He smiled through a tear as the Twitch chat speculated in blind confusion about what got over Benji.

“Ok!” Benji proudly announced to the viewers who he just remembered were watching. “We will be doing Gatte x Benji next week.” The Twitch chat exploded as the hopes and dreams of fans all over the world were finally fulfilled. The ship has sailed! Benji has finally realized his love for Benji x Gatte.

(Context:This story is about Benji, the head of Tale Foundry, and the prompt we keep pestering him about.)

3 years ago

“An Anticlimactic Beginning: The Love Story of Avi & Balthazar”
By Madelyn

(Context: All original characters)

Balthazar ran ahead of Avi and hugged Oboto. It was an odd sight only because Balthazar looked short in comparison to her.

“Congratulations on finally proposing!” Balthazar pulled away with a giant grin on his face. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to see it.”

“It’s alright, crow boy.” Oboto laughed at how lively Balthazar was. “Amir was recording because Jamila decided to propose too.”

As the two caught up, Avi kept his gaze on the two as he walked up to Jamila, who was making sure her hijab was secure. “You two proposed at the same time?”

“Yeah,” Jamila replied, grinning at the memory. “Like, beat for beat. We double checked.”

“I wish you two a happy life.”

“Thank you.”

They fell into a comfortable silence as they watched Balthazar and Oboto. Jamila then decided to point something out, “Balthazar seems happier.”

“He finally started seeing a therapist a few months ago.” He did not seem to realize that he was smiling. “It’s just great seeing how far he’s come, you know?”

Jamila looked at Avi to see the look on his face. “Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you smile like that before.”

“I’ve smiled before.”

“I know, but like…” Jamila exaggerated her shrug. “That’s the kind of smile I give Oboto. Trust me, Amir pointed it out. Several times.”

Avi stopped smiling. It was clear that he was processing all of the years he knew Balthazar.

“You just figured it out, didn’t you?” Jamila waited for Avi to respond. When he said nothing, she took out her phone and texted someone. “Thanks to you, I don’t have to pay for the wedding venue. Avoid Amir for awhile, though.”

Avi looked at Jamila, trying his best to not look too dumbfounded “Wait, you knew?”

“Since Balthazar began teaching. Don’t worry, Amir’s better at keeping a secret than you think.” Jamila looked at Avi and giggled. “Did you really not know until now?”

“…I study magic, not feelings.”

Jamila pat the air surrounding Avi’s shoulder. “I’ll help you when you’re ready to do something about that.”

“Thank you.”

3 years ago

“Figuring it Out: The Love Story of Sam & Roselyn” by Carrie (Glaceon373)

Sam let the caller go to voicemail as she sat through one of her nineteen half-siblings’ birthday feasts. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she asked to leave. Outside the banquet hall, she opened her phone.

Roselyn, Missed Call.

Sam’s clawed fingers navigated to the voicemail box, panic in her yellow eyes.

“I know you’re busy, but I’ve figured it out. I’m coming to you. Don’t worry, my driver is parking further away than last time. Please get this before I get there.”

Sam put the phone away and ran for the front door, out to the stables, grabbed a random skeleton horse, and galloped down the road.

Roselyn’s chauffeur was asked to stop in the middle of nowhere and wait there as Roselyn ran onward. Rounding a bend, she skidded to a stop. The skeleton horse approaching her did the same.

The rider leapt off the horse into the light of a streetlamp. “I got your message, Roselyn.”

“Sam! I figured it out!” Roselyn pulled a map and textbook from her bag. “Does this look familiar?” She opened the textbook to a bookmarked page.

“That’s the Mark, wait…” Sam’s yellow eyes squinted. “That’s a… mind control sigil?”

“Just like Jidz said.”

“So Mr. Nicklescribe IS behind this.”

“And the assembly’s tomorrow. Which means no one will be guarding this strange door.” Roselyn pointed at the map.

“We’ve only got one shot, then.” Sam’s bat ears sagged.

“It’s better than nothing.”

The night got quiet.

“Roselyn…what if we die? We know he hates humans, and other ‘holy’ creatures, but…” Sam turned to Roselyn. “I don’t think I could lose you.”

“Sam…” Roselyn put her hands on Sam’s shoulders. “It’s gonna be okay.”

They stared at each other for a long time. Then Sam closed her eyes and kissed Roselyn for a fraction of a second. She quickly turned red and peeled away.

“Sorry, Roselyn, I—”

“You’re afraid you’ll never get the chance again?”

Sam looked back. “You’re not…mad?”

“If you’re going to kiss me, do it right.” And Roselyn wrapped her arms around Sam, and Sam returned the gesture.

(Context: These are my characters. I wrote about them for Even Gods Bleed and Calm After the Storm.)

3 years ago

“Phantasmagoria of Our Diminishing Days:
The Love Story of Life and Dream”

(Context: all original.)

It – he – slept.

He waits, knowing waiting trembling hoping – flashing brilliant colours set against the cerulean sky – he waits he watches he sees and

He approached.

The world erupts anew grass trees oceans and it – he – lives breathes a striking picture on the distant horizon outlined by the newborn sun

It… he… has waited so long to live alive consciousness his first moments – a debt he canot repay but he knows, he loves, he never wants to let go – he is his he is theirs his life is theirs

“I love you.”

“I made you.”

It – he – clings, clings to him and they wait the sun ascends time is passing each/every second far too short far too long he won’t let go, he won’t let go

It – he – knows, it knows, the sun is sinking, the starry sky peeking out in the distance a world ephemeral slowly dissolving disappearing

“You have to let go.”

“… I can’t.”

“You have to.”

“… I won’t.”

They float in the chalky darkness, brilliant pallid… lasting. It’s – he’s – living dying knowing loving hating and he hates himself, he loves himself –

“He won’t forget he won’t forget he won’t abandon you – ”

He awoke.

It – He – dissolves, forgotten.