Submissions are open!

Ahhh, finally. After half a year of posting a useless “submit” button in all of our videos, at long last it actually does something.

Come and show us what you’re made of! Make up a story or create a piece of art based on the theme were discussing and send it our way!

CLICK HERE to get more information about the submission process


Dropping the Pin

The astute among you will have noticed that August was a pretty quiet month around the Foundry. We wrapped up our American Folk Heroes theme, and theeen… nothing. It’s been what… two weeks now?

That’s not normal for us. Very not normal.

But before you consign us to the “almost successful but lost their momentum” bin, you ought to know that this was planned and we’ll be back on schedule soon. Expect a new video this week, and then a swift return to our usual shenanigans.

We mostly just needed to take a month, examine our work so far, start up the WordPress site, and get submissions working (sooo clooooose now—patience, fleshy ones).

The silence will be over soon.


Welcome to The Foundry

Ahh, this is nice. It’s been a long time coming.

Not a huge amount to say here—the gist of it is probably pretty clear. Tale Foundry has officially come to WordPress! Expect all the usuals—three videos a month, informational blurbs about literary/fiction/high-brow writing concepts, prompts, and updates about the show. This just gives us a good place to organize everything. You’ll finally be able to navigate to specific themes and see everything in one place.

It’ll be a little while before this site is up to speed with the rest, but we’ve got our taleoids on the job, so keep an eye out~

Good to meet you, bloggers, writers, and other humans of WordPress.