Create With Us

One of our most important goals here at the foundry is to motivate artists and writers to create. Naturally, when it all works out and you end up pulling some inspiration from one of our videos or posts to make something of your own, we want to show it off. This is where we make that happen.

We can’t guarantee your work will make it onto the show, but if you take the time to read our guidelines and send something our way, we’ll certainly do our best to give it some exposure on this and our other websites. And who knows—maybe your tale will end up in a video someday!

Submission Guidelines

Unfortunately, we can’t just accept and post every piece that comes our way. For the sake of congruity, we’ll be looking for works of fiction or art that draw on one of our seriesWe’ll prioritize pieces that are based on our most recent series.

We also have some standards for the work we share. If you’re interested in submitting something, here’s a quick list of what to do and what not to do:

• Try to line up with our one of our monthly themes (click here for a full list)
Proofread—we’re attracted to proper grammar and spelling
• Send us an original piece of fiction (short stories, paintings, videos, etc., etc.)
Be creative—make use of the theme, but try to provide some new and interesting perspective on it
• Read the “How to Submit” section carefully—to save our time and sanity, we can only consider work submitted to us using those guidelines
• Focus on short stories (although other forms of art are very much welcome)

• Send us fan fiction (remember: inspiration doesn’t have to mean imitation)
• Send us gratuitous violence or sexuality; a little is okay, but we aren’t looking for vivid sex scenes or graphic gore
• Send us your novel manuscript; we’re looking for short, easily-consumable stuff
•Expect us to make a video about your story—it will most likely be shared on our websites in the form of text
• Send us someone else’s work
Spam our inbox—more than one submission in the space of 48 hours is overkill
• Send us unfinished work

How to Submit

Please review the section relevant to the type of art you’re submitting

Send all submissions to

Short Fiction (prose)
• Send your piece in the form of a Google Docs file
• No more than 1,500 words (in google docs use the “Tools” menu and scroll down to “Word Count”)
• Clarify which persons/organizations we are to credit upon presenting the work within the body of the e-mail
• Format the subject line of your e-mail with “Short Fiction, [name of writer], [“name of piece”], [theme]” (e.g., Short Fiction, Benjamin Cook, “A Good Laugh”, American Folk Heroes)
Note: if you’d like to remain anonymous, just write the word “anonymous” into the subject like where your name would go. This cannot be undone.

Art (multimedia)
• If sending an image, please attach the image in the form of a .jpeg or .png to the e-mail
• If sending a video, please provide a link in the body of the e-mail to the video on a hosting site (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). DO NOT ATTACH THE VIDEO FILE TO THE E-MAIL
• Clarify which persons/organizations we are to credit upon presenting the work within the body of the e-mail
• Provide any specific instructions for how to present your art in the body of the e-mail. Try to be concise but thorough.
• Format the subject line of your e-mail with “Art, [name of artist], [type of art], [“name of piece”]” (e.g., Art, Benjamin Cook, Painting, “The Harlequin”)

Legal Notice
Any works submitted to following the formats specified above will be considered licensed for use on the various Tale Foundry websites, both for commercial use and minor alteration for the purpose of presentation. This license is only valid if the proper credit is provided, as specified in the above format.