Tale Foundry Needs Artists!

For the first time in a long time, we’re hiring!

We need artists for the Tale Foundry team, to help bring some of the strange, esoteric, fantastical materials we discuss in our videos to life. Every video provides interesting creative challenges to the team, which we work together to figure out. Recently, we’ve done videos on alchemical homunculi, thaumaturgy, the wendigo, and sympathetic magic, among other things. Because these are such rarely-broached topics, there’s not a lot of material out there for them. So we create it for our videos!

If you’re interested in science fiction and fantasy, or just opportunities to create new visions for little-known concepts, this might be a good place for you.

Tale Foundry is a tight-knit team of creatives who make videos about writing, storytelling, and fiction. It’s a pretty involved process, with almost daily conversations and lots of brainstorming about creative approaches to the art that will appear in our videos/thumbnails.


We’re looking for an illustrator who can do both detailed digital pencil sketches, and full-color paintings. This is not mercenary work. We’re not looking for one-and-done commission offers. We wants someone who is eager to be deeply involved in a creative process and earn a fixed monthly payment (with upward mobility, of course), starting at around ~$500/mo. We’d require 25-30hrs of work per month.

Generally, the art styles we’ll be looking for will look like either this (digital sketch): youtu.be/XNluc8P4Dd8 or this (full-color digital painting): youtu.be/JcG7QTSF96Q


Simply fill out this form: https://forms.gle/GmESiHTKADC9hwxy8

Can’t wait to hear from you!