3 Ways Pokemon Tells Its Story

After spending a video getting all technical and literary about how Pokemon is a transmedia story, we thought we ought to spend another video showing *how*.

So buckle up. This is an odd one.

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Is this weird?

We’ve been working on the new video for about a week now. If all goes to plan (and it always does), it should be coming out this weekend. Considering how light and innocuous the subject matter is, this is turning out to be a fascinating topic. Like, how often do people sit down and discuss the literary methodology/merit of Pokemon? There’s really a lot there, it’s just not a… traditional discussion.

So in order to dig up some writerly stuff that might make good fodder for short fiction, we’re sort orbiting around this very broad perspective about the nature of the entire franchise. As a result, it’s not exactly… congruous with a lot of the other media about Pokemon. Hopefully it’ll still be a mutual good time for writers and pokemon fans, but it’s tough to please everyone.

Even so, it’s not all high-brow literary pontification.



It all feels a little weird, but it’s also really exciting to be working on something outside of our usual wheelhouse.


Announcing this month’s theme…


This Month’s Theme: Pokémon

This might surprise some of you. Pokémon isn’t really known for its story, after all.

Even so, there are some amazing things to learn from the franchise as a whole, so this month let’s dig into it and see what we can find.

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