Writing Group: Celestial Waltz

Hello, Falling Stars and Glittering Goddesses!

May I have this dance, my dear? I do hope you have a good sense of rhythm and balance, because…

This week’s Writing Group prompt is:

Celestial Waltz

Make sure you scroll down and read them if you haven’t! You may not be eligible if you don’t!

This prompt may evoke the imagery of the planets spinning in the sky above, surrounded by the myriad of stars glinting from within the depths of space. One could compare this cosmic cycle to a group of people pirouetting.

Or maybe you are more likely to think of a court of gods: a whole pantheon of celestial beings who dance and celebrate with unearthly splendor and plenty, wearing dresses spun of moonlight, and suits woven from dragon’s breath. I am sure any celebration of the gods is worth talking about.

Gods aren’t the only celestial beings. You could have angels attending a ball, spinning around and around to form stars. Perhaps the demons below hear the music, and long to join…but can only burn in the dark. You could even have the righteous spirits of the dead welcoming someone who recently died to paradise with a big dance. Maybe, in the world below, holy believers worship with a large festival by dancing while holding torches to simulate the stars in the heavens.

Perhaps you could tell a story about celebrities; how their reputations reach celestial heights, (whether through good or bad coverage), and many speculate how long their “waltz” in the spotlight will last.

But it doesn’t need to be a metaphor for gods or celebrities. It could just be the story of two lovers dancing under the light of the stars; hand in hand, maybe this simple dance could be all they ever wanted or imagined, and that would be enough.

Whether you go with gods, planets, or ordinary humans, try and think of what makes your waltz ‘celestial’. Also, any sort of dance will do to fulfill the prompt, but bonus points if you can somehow make it clear in your story your dance is a waltz!

As a challenge, pick a waltz from Youtube and try to write your story along with it! If you find one that fits, share the link in general-media, and/or writing-group (the private chat)!

 A second potential challenge I have for you is to make your story this week a sequel to your story last week. The moon in a jar certainly fits with the celestial theme, and I could see how some of last week’s stories could be continued with this week’s prompt. 

Now, Maestro, tell the orchestra it’s time to raise their instruments! As for you, my dear, put on your dancing shoes. We have a masterpiece to perform, don’t we? Why should the stars and planets have all the fun?

—Paul, Pearce, Felicia, and Kaylie

Remember, this is part of our weekly Writing Group stream! Submit a little piece following the rules and guidelines below, and there’s a chance your entry will be read live on stream! In addition, we’ll discuss it for a minute and give you some feedback.

Tune into the stream this Saturday at 3:00pm CST to see if you made the cut!

The whole purpose of this is to show off the creativity of the community, while also helping each other to become better writers. Lean into that spirit! Get ready not just to share what you’ve got, but to give back to the other writers here as well.

Rules and Guidelines

We read at least five stories during each stream, two of which come from the public post, and three of which come from the much smaller private post. Submissions are randomly selected by a bot, but likes on your post will improve your chances of selection, so be sure to share your submission on social media!

  1. Text and Formatting

    1. English only.
    2. Prose only, no poetry or lyrics.
    3. Use proper spelling, grammar, and syntax.
    4. Your piece must be between 250-350 words (you can use this website to see your wordcount).
    5. Use two paragraph breaks between each paragraph so that they have a proper space between them (press “enter” or “return” twice).
    6. Include a submission title and an author name (doesn’t have to be your real name). Do not include any additional symbols or flourishes in this part of your submission. Format them exactly as you see in this example, or your submission may not be eligible: Example Submission.
    7. No additional text styling (such as italics or bold text). Do not use asterisks, hyphens, or any other symbol to indicate whether text should be bold, italic, or styled in any other way. CAPS are okay, though.
  2. What to Submit

    1. Keep submissions “safe-for-work”; be sparing with sexuality, violence, and profanity.
    2. Try to focus on making your submission a single meaningful moment rather than an entire story.
    3. Write something brand new; no re-submitting past entries or pieces written for other purposes
    4. No fan fiction whatsoever. Take inspiration from whatever you’d like, but be transformative and creative with it. By submitting, you also agree that your piece does not infringe on any existing copyrights or trademarks, and you have full license to use it.
    5. Submissions must be self-contained (everything essential to understanding the piece is contained within the context of the piece itself—no mandatory reading outside the piece required. e.g., if you want to write two different pieces in the same setting or larger narrative, you cannot rely on information from one piece to fill in for the other—they must both give that context independently).
  3. Submission Rules

    1. One submission per participant.
    2. Submit your entry in a comment on this post.
    3. Submissions close at 12:00pm CST each Friday.
    4. You must like and leave a review on two other submissions to be eligible. Your reviews must be at least 50 words long, and must be left directly on the submission you are reviewing, not on another comment. If you’re submitting to the private post, feel free to leave these reviews on either the private or the public post. The two submissions you like need not be the same as the submissions you review.
    5. Be constructive and uplifting. These submissions are not for a professional market, and shouldn’t be treated as such. We do this, first and foremost, for the joy of the craft. Help other writers to feel like their work is valuable, and be considerate and gentle with critique when you offer it. Authors who leave particularly abrasive or disheartening remarks on this post will be disqualified from selection for readings.
    6. Use the same e-mail for your posts, reviews, and likes, or you may be rendered ineligible (you may change your username or author name between posts without problem, however).
    7. You may submit to either or both the public/private groups if you have access, but if you decide to submit to both, only the private group submission will be eligible.
    8. Understand that by submitting here, you are giving us permission to read your submission aloud live on stream and upload public, archived recordings of said stream to our social media platforms. You will always be credited, but only by the author name you supply as per these rules. No other links or attributions are guaranteed.

Comments on this post that aren’t submissions will be deleted, except for replies/reviews left on existing submissions.

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7 months ago

The Dance

By: MelancholicOtaku

Step one two, step one two, step one two. The dance was simple—no, not easy—more like engraved in their minds. Their tale was as old as time: man meets woman, and the two fall in love—or rather, in this case, God falls in love with the Goddess. The two merge into one being, not of the body but of the spirit.

The two had their roles to play: he showering humanity with blissful golden rays, and she creating both sweet dreams and terrible nightmares. The two worked in perfect unison, not missing a beat.

It was a particularly exceptional day; everyone was in a splendid mood. “Ah, Lord Dieus, seems to be well and lively,” the village baker, a kind and plump man, said. “The gods have been in a good mood as of late.” The seamstress, a young maiden with impeccable taste, replied back.

Step one, two, step one two the moon, was said to be the most beautiful of the old gods. Like most of the gods, Dieus fell in love at first sight. The usual fiery, upbeat god suddenly became shy whenever he was faced with Osyn, who was the definition of calm, cool, and collected, although even she gives her character an adorable blush every now and then.

Day and night, night and day, the stars would align, prancing around gleefully. watching their parents spin around in a jovial manner. Around and around they go, with playful days and pleasant dreams being sprinkled throughout mankind.

Step one two, now if one is extremely lucky then you my dear reader might be able to witness the celestial waltz between Dieus and Osyn. With the heavens as their stage and the earth as the symphony.

Last edited 7 months ago by MelancholicOtaku
7 months ago

The Majesty of Everything
By: Boople

The stars sway and twirl in the infinite nothingness of everything. Space certainly lives up to it’s name, as the vastness from star to star, galaxy to galaxy, anything to everything truly does feel daunting. But specks of somethings between it all bring us hope, and ourselves. This speck of a home of ours feels so big to us, while it dances and drifts so strictly, feeling so small. It simply follows the sun’s lead, the sun that follows something else.

I find It beautiful, everything running like clockwork. Each tick towards the end of it all is nought but a thoughtless elliptical orbit. But knowing it’ll end, knowing I’m a part of this in my own minute way, gives me a little joy. We stare into the overwhelming void and search for specks, the farther it is out of reach the more excited we get. So even though space is daunting, it is it’s presence that allows for the appreciation of what’s beyond us.

Living as we do, laughing as we do, dancing as we do. We are nothing less than the beauty of the universe, and it is nothing less than our appreciation of it. That’s why my fingers dance across these keys after all. I find beauty in it, in what I make and read. And I won’t stop expanding the universe in my own imaginative way, and I encourage you all to join me.

7 months ago

A Prince and A Maid
By: Xavier Twenytone

We are not the Altair and the Vega that were vicariously in love to divide the Milky Way and make our own stepping stones. Rather, I am just a Cinderella that keeps scrubbing the Step-Mother’s floor with no hopes from the Fairy Godmother.


You just arrived at the ballroom this evening, looking like any other participant even though you know you are a guest in this house, and still you wear your tuxedo and shoes like any normal person.

It is just a quirk of yours to always act and appear humble like any other men even though you know, and always know that the ladies are glaring and smiling at you with their coquettish eyes, or maybe you just don’t. Maybe, you had never know that the ladies are seducing you with their effeminate charm. That’s why you fell in love with me.

“Good to see you Vega,” you startle me from behind. Even though I told you not to call me Vega, you still use the name that we created on a windy rain under the oak tree.

“I told you we are not the Altair and the Vega that have everlasting love and patience to not cheat and wait for one another. Rather, I am just a frog with a worn apron and you are an everlasting star that will dance in a celestial waltz.”

After listening to my ranting, you always give me that look of tenderness and sweetness that is seldom seen by other women.

“What took you so long darling?” a voice coming from your behind.

You freeze and start to turn around, “Juliet, I’m just asking for champagne.”

She stared at me, a dirty maid, with a suspicious expression.

“Come on Romeo, we are going to be late for the dance,” she said.

You both start to leave, and you, in your last attempt start to mouth, “I am sorry, you know I had no choice.”


I started to work again by delivering champagne to other guests. I started looking at you while you danced away from me with other stars.

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Oliver Enslad
Oliver Enslad
7 months ago

Fuldablop’s Dance
by Oliver Enslad

Earth Defense Force
Outgoing Call from Displaced Satellite
March 17th, 2417

“Hello again, mother. I’ve good news, but I’m sure you’ll see it as good and bad. Adilpuh paid my bail. Most of the humans who imprisoned me retired, and the new wardens were kinder, letting me take the satellite to hopefully hear from you again. But Adilpuh did take me out of their galaxy.

“She sent only a comet of herself, but I was able to latch on to that ever-growing rock and ride it back to the rest of her. Her beauty only intensified as I arrived, the stars and planets she was circled around an invisible point, like a pinwheel with a black hole for a center. I was so overcome with joy, and she was too. We’ve not touched for a near century.

“She carried me to the center of her selves, my tendrils clung and attached to different planets and stars void of anything but her own life. She then began to spin around me, I was the center of her pinwheel.

“The satellite the humans let me borrow played an ancient tune, one of a loyal pet named St Bernard. I pulled all of her closer to me, spinning around I felt family again. My wings beat twice, spreading flame from her stars and warming her planets. My tears guided themselves down my tendrils, making rivers and oceans of her crevices. We spun and cried and spun. Mother, she was home to me and I brought life to the home she was.

“As the organic one in the relationship, I’m hardening and dying, giving everything I have to the new creatures upon us. Some even look like my captors, the humans, but they glisten. I understand you didn’t want this for me, but I wanted to create life. You’re no longer a mother, but a grandmother.

“Maybe one day, my Fuldians as Adilpuh calls them, will climb to this satellite and call you. If they do, I understand why you weren’t a mother, but please be a grandmother. Please, tell them they’re not alone.”

7 months ago

Just Ruining Everything, as Usual (Loosely a sequel to last week’s)

By: Iskritt

“Gods!” The god of life said. “On behalf of the upper pantheon, I thank you for attending this wonderful dance.”

A loud cheer rang out amongst the gods.

“I would like to give a special thanks to Music, for lending their services to this celebration. No dance would be complete without the wonderful sounds of a universe perfectly orchestrated in the way that only you can.”

All turned to applaud the god of music, who was distracted with something. Realizing they were being ignored, the crowd stopped clapping and turned again to face Life.

“This gathering of the gods has passed flawlessly, and if that does not call for a celebration, I don’t know what does! After all..”

Life was cut off as a whimper of sound rang out across the crowd. All the gods turned back towards Music, who was wincing, and visually uncomfortable.

“I am so sorry, Life.” Music said. “I am trying to keep Earth silent but you know how they can be. Please, continue.”

With only a short pause, Life nodded and continued. “As I was saying, this gathering only occurs as Time decrees, and the chance for a wonderful celebration cannot be…”

The same sound occurred, cutting off Life once more. Before anyone could do anything, Music was already speaking, their “arms” slumped over in defeat and anger.

“I told you this could happen, and yet you insisted I use this universe for your party music. You can’t just take a planet’s moon and expect it to stay quiet for you, especially not Earth. It is hard enough to keep quiet as it is, and now it is just ruining everything, as usual.”

Life sighed. “Earth, the old trouble maker. Death, can you do something about that?”

Death, who was standing in the wings of Life’s celestial stage, simply nodded. With a wave of a “hand,” the gods watched a tiny bright light emanate in Music’s universe, only to disappear moments later.

Life waited only a single moment before continuing.

7 months ago

Moonlight Without The Sonata (Chronicles of The Dragon)
By Makokam

Vlad knocked on the door and called, “Imogene? Are you ready?”

“I’ll be just a moment longer,” her voice responded.

Vlad stood straight and sighed. He paced. After not too long, he heard the sound of the door opening.

Vlad was a large, imposing, man. His subjects knew him as a strict ruler. His enemies knew him as a man not to be crossed. But when Imogene emerged from her quarters, this woman who barely came up to his chest once again turned him weak and trembling as a fawn. “Were you not ready to go?” she asked, with innocent eyes and smirking lips.

The ball went as well as could be expected. Wealth, power, and influence was shown off. Allegiances were formed. It was now late, and Vlad stood in his ballroom, reflecting on how everyone’s gaze had been captured by Imogene.

“You’re still here?”

He turned to see the lady in question walking across the room. “Yes. I wanted to see all our visitors off, and our guests to their rooms. I thought I might as well make sure the cleaning goes smoothly.“

“You’ve been up since dawn preparing everything. You should sleep.”

“They’re almost finished.”

She sniffed and walked past him. “If you insist on staying, then at the very least you can dance with me.”

“The musicians have left.”

“A waltz has a simple rhythm. Surely you don’t need music to find it?”

He smiled and took her hand. “Surely not.”

Imogene subtly steered him across the ballroom, and towards the balcony. They danced under the moonlight with Imogene bringing them closer and closer to the railing. Just before they reached it, she let go, turned, and effortlessly hopped onto it.


She extended her hand, “Join me.” Reluctantly, he took her hand and she pulled him up. “I believe we were in the middle of something.”

Vlad’s attention was pulled so strongly to his love, that he didn’t notice they’d left the railing, and their dance took them up among the moonbeams. “I’m much more competent than you know. You should rely on me.”

7 months ago

Dodging Pirates
By MasaCur

“Bogies on our six and seven!” Myrgen called out, as he charged up the ship’s turret. Rydia had already taken evasive actions, flying the scout ship into a hard dive.

Pirates! Not a common occurrence through most of known space, but a Federation Scout ship would be required to map out unexplored regions. Regions where the more nefarious would often hide.

“Seriously, it’s not like we have anything valuable on our ship, though,” Myrgen tried to say, as Rydia banked hard to the right, throwing Myrgen into his restraints. “Why would they come after us?”

“Don’t know, don’t care!” Rydia was a total moron most of the time. However, when it came to navigation and piloting, she was a maestro. With her hands at the controls, she could make a ship dance.

Much like it was doing right now. So much so, that Myrgen was having a hard time trying to lock onto the pirate fighters on their tail. At least they were having just as hard a time aiming up on Myrgen and Rydia.

“There’s a nebula about six stellar units from here. I’m going to go see if I can lose them!” Rydia announced, practically laughing as she weaved the ship through space. “Prepare for a micro-jump!”

“What, no! That’s insane! You’ll kill us!”

Rydia blew a raspberry, then engaged the jump drive. The ship lurched forward, then just as suddenly decelerated back to cruising speeds as Myrgen saw the nebula fill the forward viewport.

Rydia dived in, making the ship drift back and forth, pirouetting before sending them into another dive, followed by a hard climb. The pirates in pursuit also jumped to the edge of the nebula, and flew in with equal abandon.

One of them was not nearly as successful as the others, as his ship got caught in a pocket of a nebula storm, and immediately exploded.

Rydia was still cackling as she swooped further into the nebula, far too fast and elusive to let the pirates catch up.

7 months ago

Celestial dance (sequel to moon H2O)

By Galer

In a fractal nebula that is several light years away from the tissue planet and the recently cratered moon, there was charming music flaring from it, in this zone of space the celestial celebrated by dancing along with the living musical notes decorating the nebulae with kaleidoscopic light.

“Hahaha I still can’t believe we managed to get in here,” said Kounief the mortal that drank from the waters of the moon turning into a god or more accurately gods after all, gods weren’t known to maintain one “faced” of themselves. ” Then again if it weren’t for me we would need to have another millennium to get invited to this”

they were multiple Kounief on the dance floor some dancing with more euphoria than others, one was even waltzing with several celestials and other abstract beings

“oh please you weren’t the only one doing the job of helping with the moon, we also needed to tutor you, Rookie,” Larry said with a cocky grin on his face on a sofa made out of liquid starlight “do I need to remind you the embarrassing display in that singularity that we were harvesting? all because you wanted to impress someone?”

“Oh give me a break old man,” Konief said rolling his eyes” I wasn’t the one that ran away from my first monster slaying on the moon”

“to be fair if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be here now rookie,” said Drote joining the group with a neutron wine in his hand “you wouldn’t be a god, you wouldn’t be attached to a tedious job, being a god its a hassle for some”

“Pff I am resilient to boring things that’s what they lack,” said the moon god arrogantly.

“That wasn’t what you said the first time” Drote pointed out.

“Semantics” Konief replied, and smiled “now if you don’t mind I am going to decimate this dance floor again, want to join me?”

Larry and Drote replied with broad smirks.

this was a joyous cosmic disco

and they will enjoy every minute of it.

Last edited 7 months ago by Galer
7 months ago

Cinderella Starlight

Villis sat in his study. It was supposed to be his turn to watch the kids today, while Penelope was out on patrol. He could hear the older two getting into things they weren’t supposed to as he skimmed over documents, trying to come up with the next theorem for his work. Anything to help in their battles to come.

The pitter-patter of little feet interrupted his increasingly dower thoughts. The youngest of his three children waited at the door, a sad look on her face, scrunched up to hold back tears.

“What’s wrong, Little Star?” he asked. Her name was actually Astrea, but she brought so much light into his life that he usually called her Little Star, or sometimes Shooting Star if she was running too much and about to break something.

“They said I was a silly baby for wanting to play a dancing game instead of a fighting game!” The other two children did senior her by four and six years, so it made sense that they would rather imitate their parents through play fights rather than play with their sister.

“Well,” Villis said, standing up and scooping his child off the ground in a single motion. “We’ll just have to play a dancing game without them, then. Which way to the ball, your highness?”

The next several minutes were some of the happiest moments he’d had in months. The enemy grew stronger outside, and nearly every time he left the house or one of his labs he had to fight for his life to get home again, but here with just himself and his little girl, there was peace. Nothing could reach them here. He wouldn’t allow it.

Astrea had grown tired, and so he carried his baby off to bed.

The hallway was dark, quiet, and rather lonesome.

As he laid the doll down, its eyes shut to imitate sleep.

Villis knelt by the empty bed in his empty house and could only weep.

His little stars were among them now.

Last edited 7 months ago by WriterOfThought
7 months ago

The starry night
By faketruth

A boy stares into the existence of the ethereal plane known as the starry night which glistenses and gleans such the skin of a fresh apple that was just washed. The stars of the night flash and sparkle each one a different tempo as if the beat of a march was fastened then quickly slowed.
This was known as the festival of the cosmos, but to the boy who stared at the masterpiece of art it was a miracle.

Each star has its own tint and shade some more than others represent the flow of life as it surrounds the planets. The blue stars represented the movement of water or the calmness of mind while the yellow and red stars represented the enjoyment and thrills of the unexpected. They rotated and spinned around the planets forming a cluster and pool of harmony each moving to their own rhythm.

In the middle the sun sat, brightening the party and bringing the mood to life. It sat encircled by the dancers and enjoyers of life. Its bright yellow light looked back at the boy as if it were to be welcoming him in with open arms.

The boy couldn’t take his eyes off the stunning image which was brought upon him. The dancing of the sky, the lights of the sky and the subtle quietness of the town. But he knew his time was up as he took one more look at the painting the words starry night by van gogh filled his head.

Norman Gray
Norman Gray
7 months ago

Vicky’s Victrola: A Hi-Fi, Sci-Fi Crime Caper
By Norman Gray

He needed her help, again.

Mayhew could hear music as he approached her cell; Victoria was waltzing behind the bars, arms outstretched as if embracing an invisible partner, stepping in time as her Victrola blared out a tune.

Victoria was. . . Different. She understood warp-drive schematics, and could problem solve any flight system. She was an expert pilot capable of navigating the constellations. Yet for reasons unknown to Detective Mayhew, she’d used her talents for hijacking and plundering, ushering in an age of interstellar piracy.

“Detective!” she said, without breaking stride. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

He was blunt. “Something contacted Voyager One last night. . . The spacecraft was smashed. The Golden Record has gone missing.”

Victoria stopped. “Well, that’s certainly a matter of concern. First contact, maybe?” She asked with the slightest hint of sarcasm. “Or a meteor strike, perhaps?”

“Small chance of that, I think.”

“Thievery, then.” Victoria sighed. She lifted the Victrola’s needle, silencing it. “Well it was a novel idea, encoding humanity’s tale onto a beacon. But, it never would have reached alien life. . . Just a felled tree in a dark forest, without anyone to hear it come crashing down.”

This raised his suspicions. “Did you hear it crash, Vicky?”

She laughed. “You give me too much credit, Detective. . . Surely, I couldn’t have been involved?”

He looked her in the eye. Frankly, he would’ve preferred if she’d somehow stolen it; a run-o’-the-mill thief might be dumb enough to melt it down for its gold.

He didn’t want to do this. . . But the clock was ticking. “I could use your expertise.”

“Of course.” Her grin widened. “And I could use a dance partner.” She eyed him intently. “To accompany this lovely record player you’ve brought me.”

“I don’t dance, Vicky.”

“Oh, I can teach you.” She placed the needle back onto the record, the Victrola blaring to life. “You need only follow my lead, Detective. ”

He’d wished for any other lead to follow, in that moment.

Striking her Waltzing pose, Victoria beckoned. “After me, Mr. Mayhew.”

7 months ago

Twin Stars
By Lulumin

His hand held hers. The other gently grasped her waist. Right foot forward. Left foot to the side. Back again. To the right. Repeat.

They make their arc across the sky, each and every night. This one is no different. Even as they glare at each other, they are tied together in this dance.

Forward. Left. Backward. Right. Dip. Again.

He can almost feel her seething as he supports her. For once he agrees.

Most people believe it’s an honor for a mere human to be placed among the stars, in the gods’ domain. The two thought the same at first, but that pride was quickly demolished once they realized what had happened to them.

One. Two. Three. Four.

How long has it been? A century? Two? Three? They stopped counting a long time ago. What did they do to deserve this? To be locked together for eternity. They no longer remember why. Why did they despise each other in the first place? They forgot, just as they forgot their life on the ground beneath them.

Dancing. And dancing. And dancing. And dancing.

They hear them gossiping sometimes. They say the people below call them the twin stars: the Gemini. They find beauty in their torment. They’d almost laugh if it didn’t disgust them so much.

In one moment out of many, they dance. In every moment, they dance.

Right foot forward. Left foot to the side. Back again. To the right. Repeat.

Again. Again. Again. The twin stars, bound together for the rest of time and beyond.

7 months ago

The Stars I Wish Them To Be

By Joe

There is a dance I wish to be a part of. The Celestial Waltz. Occupied by bright beings much different than I, called Stars. They dance in a plane of imagination varying in blue nebulas, and a dance floor made from and invisible force with enough give to your weight that feels like you’re dancing on nothing. Can you imagine keeping your form whilst drifting in the light of a blue sun, or the low spotlight of a white dwarf?

I would love to be a part of it, but there are awkward reasons why I am not there right now.

The stars hate planets and satellites, and only allow us to watch outside of their shine. We didn’t know what planets and satellites looked like, because we’ve been kept out of the light for so long we assumed we were hideous.

But then I became more confused with our existence when Jupiter orbited too closely and got in trouble, and got sent back into the vast darkness. But I was so enamored by the orderly satellites making a ring around them that I realized, I wanted to see more of Jupiter. I wanted to see…all of us. And for the first time I wondered what I truly looked like. I wanted to be seen.

But I was too afraid.

My friends really enjoy watching the waltz and think that I don’t because I don’t show up anymore. It’s not that. It’s because I want to dance with the stars, but can’t. I have explained it to them, but they don’t understand. It makes me feel like I’m at fault that they feel they can’t enjoy something, when I just want everyone to have a better experience. I’m not telling them to stop, I’m telling them to realize their own beauty, and not hate or fear a star. That stars should be humbled that their light is more than show, and we can reflect that light back to them. Then we can all realize ourselves in a new light.

One that’ll reach out further, and bring more back.

Last edited 7 months ago by Joe
7 months ago

Waltz at The End Of The World
Somewhere in between heaven and earth, two entities lock themselves in a ferocious battle. However, it is not a battle of violence but one of words and movement.
”I am the rivers of blood, taking away all that is dear and igniting the flames of war and brutality, all to protect you.” Said the being with a dark and intimidating presence while sticking closer and closer to its counterpart.
”I am that blood running through our veins and giving all the energy to live, breathe, and love. The warm embrace of a mother tending to her child or a brother stricken with grief over the loss of his younger self.” Retorted the figure of starlight interlocked with the dark figure’s arms.
“Loss… I am the loss of loved ones and the vengeance that rises to claim love…” But before the dreary entity could finish, it was interrupted.
”You are grief and sorrow, but also the passage of time and the promise of a new life, swallowed by mystery and possibilities.” The gentle figure swayed from side to side, holding the hands of darkness close.
”No! I am the death of all that is beautiful and sacred, the absolute end of all life, unloving and unloved by all. “A universe-wide process that will take everything from everyone.”Said the deathly figure, extending his arms and throwing its glowing partner away.
”We are the cycle of life and death, I give the gifts, and at the end of all, you receive them with care and sadness, guiding them solemnly to their due place with restlessness.” Life retorted, stepping closer and in rhythm with its deadly partner, making death lift it in the air gracefully.
”Stop it! For I am annihilation, the massacre, and the end of even existence itself when the universe ends, I shall harvest even my own self.” Shouted death, with tears in its eyes.
”You are the opportunity for rebirth and starting anew for the universe itself.” Whispered life, finally leaning in for a kiss that would seal the end of time.

Cartographers Notebook
Cartographers Notebook
7 months ago

By: Cartographers notebook


The hour had grown late; our coffee machine was broken so we were all tired beyond belief. The night sky was incredible though. Not a cloud to be seen, the stars standing bright for our observations, so I decided to stay up. So as the others went to bed at around 1.00, I remained at the seat of the main telescope.

That’s when it first started. I was starting to fall asleep when something I could never have anticipated occurred.

I heard birdsong.

Now you may say that I am a fool, delusional, or that I was simply tired. Birds in Antarctica are an impossible occurrence. But I tell you, this was true birdsong, like that of the first days of spring when the birds come home from their winter dwellings.
So, I went to inspect this weird phenomenon. I expected to find nothing, maybe a phone alarm or a computer left without being shut down. When I found nothing of the sort, I logically concluded that I was merely delusional. But something didn’t feel right. So, I went outside.

As I look back upon it I don’t know whether or not I wish I hadn’t.

Before me, in the very sky above me, I saw birds. Not birds like those in spring, but birds made of light, dragging long tails of aurora over the horizon. Birds from every corner of the globe, flying on shared wings. As I watched more and more gathered, flying from every direction I could fathom, twirling in a dance of colors, and a symphony of songs. They flew in an elegant yet complex pattern that, if I were to put it into words, would be a mockery of what I saw.

I don’t know how long I had been standing there when they found me. They tell me I had grown a pale blue from the cold. To be fair I do not remember what happened after I saw it. Whatever it was.
But I know this. It was beautiful. So beautiful.


7 months ago

What Happened

By: Hastaw

“People just don’t want to work anymore” while asking them for jobs. “You know, you can get a job at a factory” when every business uses their machines to repair things. “You should be grateful they take their time to program these” when all they did was type a few words into an engine.

I am nothing. Useless; so is everyone else at this point. Humans are nothing but tools; those things are no different. They’re all Dead, soulless monsters. When we die, ai will keep working needlessly.

Cover with a hood. Let no one see you. Why even try at this point?

“Hey! Find a job yet?” She asked with a hopeful look in her eye. “N-no.” silence. I just continued walking.

There’s hushed whispering in the corners of the alley. Almost no one here understands what employment is. I crawl into the old machine when I hear, “Going somewhere?” I didn’t understand; is it an old joke? “I didn’t know you could drive,” the voice said. “Drive?” I questioned. “Whatever happened to the days you could walk up to people and ask them for work?” While he talked, I grasped the situation. “Have any more?”
“Heh. You got money?”
I blushed. “No.”
“Hahaha! You should see your face!” He handed me the last of his alcoholic concoction.
“Thank you! It’s been ages.”
“Been a long time since I had a drinkin’ buddy.”

We spent all night telling stories about mine and his generation. How easy it was back in his day to get a job. Sure, it was possible. That was all you needed. Man. If only I lived a fraction of his generation; I envy him.

“This feels like heaven.”
“Alcohol does that to you,” he said with a sad smile.
“What happened?” He murmured to himself.
I would like to know what happened to these moving machines and beautiful cities. The stranger quietly got up, leaving me to enjoy the grayish hues of the sunset by myself.

7 months ago

Misplaced Debris (The Will)
By Skeleton

It had annihilated three of Orlunae’s elite guard—nay, the figure had toyed with them until their mechanical, perfect nature failed them. Nobody could stand against her brother, she knew that firsthand. And yet the way it moved—the way it danced around them as if it was nothing more than some game… her brother was never that playful.

The Woman in White protected the unconscious body of the Sufferer’s protégé, watching the figure contort and stretch the body that had been meant for him. Looking up to the sky, the unknown variable recoiled in disgust. “What the fuck is that?!” it lamented, motioning towards Orlunae’s relatively new orbiting satellite. “Is that sediment from the bottom of the ocean?! MY ocean?!”

“It’s debris from a inviolium bomb,” the Woman in White said, standing now and stepping over the body of the dragoness. “With a liveable, gooey core of all the core essences of our disobedient creations.”

“It’s called a rhetorical question, sis,” the unknown said with a flamboyant twirl of his black clothes. “What I really want to know is how our little, conniving Orlunae thought it was a good idea to disregard my direct orders: no new celestial bodies! How hard is that?!”

The Woman in White stopped, hesitating in her assumptions. “…you are not my brother,” she reasoned. “He was never so—”

“Lively? Emotional?” The man smiled deviously—playfully, swaying his shoulders from side to side as he approached. The curved blade in his hands broke in two, liquidating into something like ink and forming into her brother’s favorite weapons: high-velocity lead launchers. “Well… he never liked me anyways, so he cut me loose and threw me into the queue. You know how it is with him.”

At the sight of his endearing, awaiting smile as he pointed both of his guns at her, the Woman in White, couldn’t help but smile in nostalgia as she readied her own. “I certainly know how it was, and you won’t be winning again. You’re only a fraction of your original power!”

“Oh sweetheart… a fraction of infinity is still infinity. Now… Let’s dance!”

Lee Strangely
Lee Strangely
7 months ago

Ice Waltz Memoria (Amelia)
by Lee Strangely

Even though the cave shielded little Dumas from the elements, it was still just as cold, if not colder than it was out there. The harsh frigid air burned his lungs. It was a mistake to have wandered this far, but by now the weather made any return all but impossible. Yes, the cave provided shelter, but honestly, it wasn’t entirely what drew him there…

It was faint; the clinking, and tinging, like the sound of glasses touching and rubbing up against one another. It echoed through the icy cave, and grew more prevalent the further in he went.

As close as he was getting to the noise, he immediately froze when movement crossed the edge of his vision. Just around the corner, it looked like the cave ceiling opened up. Some sunlight slipped through, but the large snowdrifts and ice sheets above kept nearly everything else out. In the light he could see them glistening, two little objects.

Clink, tink, tink.

They looked sort of like, little glass people.

Clink, tink, tink.

Step by step, they slowly spun themselves in an embrace along the frozen floor. Leaning out a little further he was startled to see a woman laying against the wall, relatively close to him. Thankfully, she wasn’t facing him, but to the ice figures.

Seemingly by the wave of her hand, the light began to dim. Dumas looked up and was astonished as the ice over him began to thicken. The slivers of sunlight gradually shrank into smaller dots. Looking back at the figures, they continued to dance under faux starlight.

Dumas jumped and nearly fled when the woman suddenly turned her head, but thankfully still didn’t see him. A layer of frost surrounded her watering eyes. As another tear prepared to trickle down, she immediately wiped it away, casting it into the air. The teardrop froze instantly, before shattering like glass upon hitting the ground.

He gasped.

The figures stopped.

7 months ago

All That Shines
By Taja DaLeen

She’s very honored to have been chosen for this part. She never thought she’d get the chance, with her water powers being as weak as they are; she still has trouble controlling it, and is quite far from conjuring it out of air.

Still, she is this year’s Levi-Tiamat, High Demoness of Water and Demon Lord of Envy. Right now she’s getting ready for the play, being dressed in flowing blues and painted to resemble the sea horse demoness a bit more.

Looking into the mirror in amazement, she can’t quite believe it’s true yet, no matter how much work she’s already put into this; into learning her lines and moves and the dance that follows presenting the moon jar.

During the play she’s also still in a bit of a haze, going through the learned motions on autopilot. That is, until she notices you, standing there, watching. Just like last year, and the years before; watching with that same look of want she used to have.

Now she has to concentrate, for that is the very moment it all becomes real to her. She is this year’s Levi-Tiamat, and watched by everyone living in this underground and probably even more people.

In spite of her nervousness she manages not to make any mistakes. But during that last dance she envies the valkyrya-dancers. Not because they really look amazing, and exactly like what nonmagicals would call angels, as she would have thought before; no, it’s the simple fact they choose a partner from the audience that makes her even closer to the demoness she’s representing.

And one of them chooses you, to twirl you across the center square; pretending to guide you to the Other World, to safety, while you still hold your moon jar high, smiling softly.

How she would have loved to be a valkyrya right now, to waltz with you. Being able to watch that look of gratitude and honor you’re wearing not from afar, but up close…

But she’s dancing all alone.

Because she’s this year’s Levi-Tiamat, Demon Lord of Envy. And it’s a great honor.

7 months ago

And the earth went quiet
by Marshall

The end.

A choking feeling climbed up her throat but she pushed it down. She could deal with her feelings later (except there was no later anymore and there never would be again).

“May I ask for a dance?“
Elpis flinched and turned around, eyes narrowing in on the stranger beside her.
“The world is ending“, she deadpanned, pinning him with an unimpressed glare, “and you want to dance with me.”
The stranger just shrugged, eyes sparkling with mirth that hid something much deeper, something familiar. Elpis averted her gaze.

Above them the moon shone brightly, too bright.

Down below crushing waves reflected the silvery light and Elpis couldn’t help but stare. Despite the light the water seemed so dark, ready to swallow her up, to take away her air and crush her lungs just like-
No. No no no no. Nothing will happen, everything will be fine.
(Uncontrollable tremors wracked her body. She’s never been good at lying).

A hand, warm and comforting and real found its way into hers. She took a deep breath and for the first time in forever thought back to her parents, holding each other close in their living room while soft music filled the air. Warm and safe.
“Teach me a waltz?“
The stranger smiled at that. “Sure.“

Their dance was clumsy, Elpis tumbling over her own feet more than once. The stranger laughed at that, catching her just before she hit the ground. Elpis laughed along.
After a while, her steps became steadier. Maybe, with a little more practice, she could actually learn this (but the water was drawing nearer and the smoke was rising higher and there was just no time).

Nothing mattered anymore. It was just them. Two souls that never got to meet each other joined as one, dancing to the music of their dying world, covered in the silvery light of their demise.
The stranger twirled around, pulling Elpis along.
She laughed again (pretending to not feel, to not see her fear reflected in their eyes).

So they danced
on and on and on
until slowly
their music came to a halt.

The Missing Link
The Missing Link
7 months ago

A Dance in a Sea of Stars
By: The Missing Link

The messages from God stopped. Orson had sent out one single message to that voice in the sky, “We are here,” or at least as close as he could approximate in the strange language God transmitted in.

Sound as a means of communication had always seemed strange to him. Sure, the whales seemed to get along fine with it, but his lack of ability to understand it frustrated his curious mind. His partners on this mission swam nervously around their tank, flashing a combination of irritation and worry across their chromatophores.

In the long days since cephalopods created pressure suits to explore the surface of their planet, they had been intrigued by the strange, unnatural structures that covered it, stone and metal that could only have been intentionally made, and then came God’s signal, an electric impulse they eventually came to understand as some kind of call, bounced off the moon by some other satellite orbiting the earth.

From that day, with an almost religious fervor, cephalopods of all species began their work. They would go to the moon and see the face of God, the being who could explain why the world was what it was, to prove to themselves that they were not the only sapient beings in the universe.

The squids won.

Not without great effort, even stopping an octopus spy from sabotaging the trip, but Orson and his crew had done it. They had landed on the moon and spoken to God.

Orson had always thought God was another squid, or at least something like one, so he danced a suggestion to his colleagues, chromatophores filling it with color and meaning, “We should send God a video feed.” Of course visual displays carried more meaning, but they had been trying to meet God on its terms.

Luna watched in stunned silence as an image appeared before her, three giant mollusks danced through the water, and the signal was… from the moon, impossible. But it was happening.

She felt tears in whatever was left of her eyes. She wasn’t alone.

And so, she answered Earth’s new masters.

7 months ago

Danced away
by Lucy

My cheek upon my hand, my eyes closed, my hand upon my staff. Only for a short while, my sister wandering in the distance urges me to carry on. I can see it on her face: “Don’t stop walking! Carry your duty with grace. They depend on us”
What she cannot understand is that we do not depend on them; I need a break, just for a few hundred years. I’m sure they’d barely notice a difference from the times I turn my back on her. Every so often I cannot stand the radiance any more, I reckon they need a break too. My sister doesn’t know that when I’m out of sight, the land falls dark, except for our cousins far away leading the way. It’s then that I rest my head. Oh, what I would give to to stay asleep for more than a day, but I cannot travel ahead of my raging sister fast enough.

Lost in my thoughts about far away cousins that we will never reach, who accompany me and make my work easier, I step higher and higher, fleeing my sister’s light. I do not hear her screams of rage, of fear, of despair as I set my foot onto the uneven surface. Had I turned my head I could have seen my sister jump higher and higher to reach me, her light shining brighter than before to reach the surface of our home that I am abandoning.

Warmed by her light, now reflecting off a gigantic rock I lean my head against the stone and give to it my power over the waves. Lighter than ever I feel the call of cousins. Faster than ever I follow. All I can think of is to dance away into stranger systems. Passing all my siblings who still run around, I wave to them. I dance away, shaking off the memory of my duty. It will be continued and maybe one day I will return. But now the music fills my soul.
One, two, three; one, two, three, I dance away in circular motions, unable to escape the habits of my past.

7 months ago

The North Sends Her Love

By Sniperaxiom

(Based off a true story)

One late December night, we The Union nursed our wounds left by the worst loss we had experienced yet.

In giving every ounce of effort we had, my fellow soldiers and I managed to suffer through 36 hours of a one sided battle. Reinforcement had come to relieve us of our position but we could not resign ourselves to depart before laying the hollow bodies of our fallen comrades to sweet eternal rest.

Heaven prepared that these hero’s would have a starlight burial. So we went about the solemn and loving work of putting away the faces of brothers, sons, and fathers in the embracing earth.

It was no wonder that some in our ranks struggled to find hope.

There was a chorus of dull shovel thuds and pitiful moans of the wounded. Those who were well enough to bury our dead did not speak much. We allowed the grim chorus to sing its tune.

This drab and tragic scene awoke in the sky a dance of divine sympathy. The North herself, with all her blinding beauty and freedom, drifted southward to smile upon us. She thrust out elegant rivers of red and blue, embroidered with gold. The aurora borealis kissed the dull landscape and tired faces with its blessed magnificence.

Bewildered eyes gazed up in awe as The North declared her love across the Verginia sky and the battlefield of Fredericksburg.

I thought it was impossible for the northern lights to invade the south with her beauty. Apparently The North had a way of shining even when she was far from home.

Perhaps it was an omen of good, sent to invigorate us ragged troops who began to lose hope. The natural beauty of The North was sweet like mead and twice as intoxicating to gaze upon. In the silent awe men found and grasped the once illusive hope.

Indeed, this wonderful funeral given by the heavens with the love of The North would hardly be fit for our dead if we were to lose the war.

7 months ago

Dancing on starlight

by Reinkarnitor

The moon shined bright, and the stars glittered beside it on the night sky. And on the ground they shimmered as well, reflected in the shallow water of the parks pond.

“That’s one thing I’ll never get tired of. It’s a good thing we always go out at night” the boy with messy brown hair said and smiled at the black-haired girl sitting next to him at the ponds shore.

She smiled back but murmured: “I only wish I could see the sun as well…at least for a bit, you know John?”

He looked at her and his face showed that he was thinking. He knew that Fiona must really miss seeing the sunlight. To be honest he does not even know how long it must’ve been since she last saw the bright star which illuminated the sky during the day. He also knew though, that it was incredibly dangerous for her. The best she could do would be watching through her window while staying in the shadows. But he, yet again, also knew that saying this would not really help raise her mood.

Suddenly John stood up and took his shoes off, walking into the shallow water of the pond. He then turned around and offered her his hand.

“May I have this dance, milady?”

Fiona blushed, but took his hand, getting on her feet and stepping into the pond. Her feet however did not sink into the water, instead she was standing on it.

“You may” she whispered and the two got into the basic position for a waltz.

They interlocked hands and he placed his right hand on her left shoulder, and she placed her left hand on his upper arm. Slowly they started dancing and spinning, the stars above and beneath them were their only audience.

Then they got slower, and Fiona leaned her head against his chest.

“You’re lucky this is no running water” she sighed happily.

“How about we watch the sunrise from inside today? Together.”

She smiled.

“I’d like that.”

So they kept slowly spinning, arms gently wrapped around each other.

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7 months ago

Fettered Flame
by Aracnarquista

What do you want me to confess? Following a creed even older than the stories told by your church? Performing the fire dancing rites to the changing seasons?

I know there is no recourse to my situation. I know I’ll be found guilty, and executed. Another follower of the Devouring Flame slain under the eyes of the First Lawmaker.

But I don’t fear death.

I know you want me to tell you where the festival takes place.Your god commands you to interrupt it, to eradicate the foolish beliefs of savages.

Isn’t it curious, though?

How does the story go? The First Lawmaker tamed the Devouring Flame, and took her light to see and judge all. The great force of chaos, turned into an instrument and weapon of the Law…

If that is so, why do you keep having to hunt us down? Why do you fear us?

Why does your god fear us?

I won’t tell you where the rites are performed. There is nothing you could do to make me betray my creed.

But I can tell you the things your church doesn’t tell you.

Don’t worry. I won’t claim the stories in the Books of Azani are lies. They are just told from a specific point of view. Our perspective on the story is a lot messier, and there is nothing the priests of Azani hate more than lack of order…

Order, then. How did their feud begin? Scripture never claims Azani created the world.

All come from the Inextinguishable Flame. Even the Forger of Laws. But he abhorred the chaos that gives birth to existence. He craved order, control. So he imprisoned the Flame.

He couldn’t extinguish it. He could only contain it. He took her mad dance and enforced a pattern, a reason into it. He led the flame to fall into step with his rigid waltz.

But the Flame is Inextinguishable, and Untamable.

You can dictate the rhythm for some time… but nothing can contain the wild dance forever.

All come from the Inextinguishable Flame. And, in time, all return to her. Even Azani.

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7 months ago

An Alien Dance
by Weiss

Bravo, my friend! Sit down, take a breath. Your dance was incredible – truly a marvelous performance. Look at the crowd! I haven’t seen such excitement since…

Speaking of which. I’ve been thinking…

Your human society has many dances. All those foxtrots and tangos, sambas and salsas. And waltz! Slow waltz, Viennese waltz…

But have you ever heard of Waltz from the planet AB-212 ?

They say it’s magical. The most beautiful way of dancing, all in our infinitely stretched swarm of Galaxies…

As the music starts – everything else looses motion. And as you gain speed – even Time itself takes a break to observe this miraculous phantasmagoria of moments. And for a brief instant, the world becomes a scene. There is nothing apart from you – your body and mind in perfect harmony, your hands stretching out into the void, grabbing stars from the nightsky, stealing planets from orbits, rearranging them into unspeakable patterns of kinetic stasis, your feet weaving an illusory string of steps into continuous flow. You become the Universe.
And with the last of those steps – it ends. Music quietens, and you are standing there again – amidst the crowd of astonished viewers and other dancers gazing at you with awe and admiration.

I happened to witness it in person. I couldn’t avert my eyes, as if hypnotized by the dancer. As few of your Earthen years went by, I finally asked him – how did he learn such an intricate craft? How does one acquires a skill high enough to be able to perform this celestial Waltz?

And he told me, that I am mistaken. The very nature of Waltz from the planet AB-212 is, that it’s only possible to complete by pure chance. Everyone can do it. There are no rules, no requirements – it just happens. The only way to dance – is to try, and get lucky.

7 months ago

Dance of Eternity
by VulpesRose

The Dance continued as it had for eons. The twelve took their places, two dancers at a time, the pattern predetermined and immutable. It was said that their very dance held up the dome of the sky.

Scorpio twirled on the dance floor, her blue gown spinning with steps memorized by endless repetition. Her partner, Libra, held her securely, but as always, it wasn’t enough.

As their sequence came to its close, he handed her off to Sagittarius. Sagittarius’s steps were more playful, their dance a bit more fun than the measured one she shared with Libra, but there was still something missing. Something Scorpio longed for more and more with each repetition of the Dance.

Soon, she would hand Sagittarius off to Capricorn, stunning in her green dress, and Scorpio would feel the pull, as she so often did, to take Capricorn’s proffered hand herself.

It began with secretive glimpses in Capricorn’s direction during other dancer’s turns. But once, Scorpio had risked a glance and been met with the intense gaze of Capricorn herself. Capricorn’s eyes had reflected a stunning curiosity and interest that mirrored her own.

The Dance had continued. They remained in their places, but Scorpio and Capricorn spoke with little smiles and soulful looks, more than words could ever convey between them.

And now, it was time again. Time to release Sagittarius into Capricorn’s care.

Scorpio was tired of waiting, was tired of losing time, was tired of being unsatisfied with the endless repetitions they were asked to endure. It was time for change.

She stepped in front of Sagittarius and held out her own hand to Capricorn. Muffled gasps sounded from around the room. But Capricorn grinned almost devilishly and grasped Scorpio’s hand in hers.

The two spun on the dancefloor, a new dance, an impromptu creation the likes of which hadn’t been seen for close to an eternity. They smiled, and the passion that filled Scorpio as she held her partner filled her very soul with light.

The dome above them began to crack, and through the cracks, the stars themselves began to shine.

7 months ago

By: Six

“Aft stabilizers failing. Pre-planned course projection impossible. Abort. Abort. Abor…”

Aiden lifted his gloved hand from the now smashed speaker to his right side. Pieces of metal had ripped through his gloves and he could see drops of blood forming. In space, you don’t bleed the same. He felt no pain though. The adrenaline was far too much. This was life or death. Blood was to be expected.

This was his last chance. His last hope of survival. Rocketing around Proxima Centauri at over 200,000km per hour in a small, barely-holding-together shuttle. Aiden hoped to reverse his trajectory and return home. To Earth. A single asteroid had struck the shuttle upon entering the solar system and sent him wildly off course. Only through careful planning, some good math skills, and a deep understanding of the Proxima Centauri system was Aiden able to use the gravity of orbital bodies to swing the shuttle around.

It had taken days. He had been out far longer than planned and the shuttle was showing it. Life support was failing. Only survival food is left. Horrid, nasty paste. But it does the job. 15% of the shuttle was lost in the impact including communications. Aiden repaired what he could but knew his only chance was returning. If he could exit the solar system in the right direction, he could fire his warp engine once and wait it out.

But… he needed to survive this last rotation around Proxima Centauri itself.

Gripping the controls with all his life, he pulled. The noise was intense, the vibrating even more. It got hot. VERY hot. So hot he thought he might pass out. He closed his eyes and thought of home… Grass… Family… Moments went by in sheer horror as he waited for the shuttle to either explode or rip itself apart. And then… nothing.

He slowly lifted his head as a gentle, almost ethereal hum filled the room. Immediately he was blinded. The entire shuttle was lit up. Something was outside… Something was looking inside…

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Dagmar Makara (dystop)
Dagmar Makara (dystop)
7 months ago

Starlight Songbirds
by Dagmar Makara (dystop)

Fate had long ordained this orchestral incandescence in the deep, deep twilight.

The scientists below clinically remarked that E208 would collapse into the supermassive black-hole. But in the unfathomable dark, 62 miles high, the universe itself played ethereal violins and cellos in a symphony of love and fate. This wasn’t clinical; instead, it was the final resplendent waltz of two starlight songbirds.

The universe wished it could tell those below that this was not a sad occasion, but knew its place, and not to interfere.

The nebulas and galaxies of E208 swirled playfully around the black-hole, back and forth like so many dancing humans below. The nearby starlights gathered and watched, and with them sounded out their own bright charms and melodies. They too would one day perform the transformation-waltz.

Some took pity on the humans who believed they were watching loss, rather than a beautiful and amorous entanglement. The two would become one. They would all become one in the end. The fantastical knot of the celestial waltz- all is starlight, and all starlight is one. The universe was a canvas that swirled like tidal watercolours on an artist’s page.

As cosmic crescendos go, this one was magnificent.

The two swayed gracefully in front of their audience of red and white dwarves. Blazing blue stars joined the gathering crowd, shimmering the couple like diamonds; their glittering sparks dancing around.

The violins marched dutifully- from dulcet, mellifluous tones, honeyed symphonies, and finally– the grand conclusion. Surrounded by friends known for eons, their eyes lit up with excitement only a true celestial could comprehend. Fate was a long time in the making– but destiny is destiny, and the two always knew that.

“Those last few notes were played… perfectly”.

Suddenly, a blinding flash in the sky as E208 disappeared from the night.

“Time of extinction, 22:36”, said the lead Cosmologist. “Record it and get some sleep”.

But somewhere beyond the event horizon, those starlight songbirds had finally become one.

E208 petitioned the Universe; “Please, tell them– this is love, not loss”.

“We don’t interfere, you know that”, replied the Universe.

Tamela Redfin
Tamela Redfin
7 months ago

The pale moonlight

By Tamela Redfin

A few years passed, and Cameron felt something was off. It was about Cece, as he was now starting to call her.

“Hey Cam, it’s a week before your senior prom. Do you know who you’re going with?” His older sister Keely asked.

“Eh, none of the girls, or even guys, at school like me, but…”

“But?” Keely asked.

“I doubt I can, but… think Cece and I could go?” Cameron asked.

“Like Cece Owens, the neighbor girl? Ohmygosh, that’s so cute!” Keely squealed, “Kennedy, come here.”

Cameron quickly left the room. There was no way he could ask out Cecilia! She was too pretty and sweet and mature. Mature. Did she ever do anything for herself? He often saw her with her three cousins, but what did she want?

Later, he went to the lake on their shared land. Cecilia was painting a portrait with Jasper while the twins were playing beside him.

It didn’t take long for her to notice him. “Cameron?”

“Cece,hi.” He waved nervously. “I have a question. Will you go to prom with me?”

She held her hand near her mouth to hide a smile. “What about my cousins?”

“It’s only one night, Cece.” Sapphira piped up. “Have fun.”

* * *
For a minute all Cameron could do was stare. Cecilia wore a lovely light purple sleeveless dress and had her hair up in a bun. He wore a matching tuxedo. “Hey Cam.”

“Ready Cece? My parents got us a limo. I said they didn’t need to, but they insisted on spoiling you.”

Cece giggled and they walked together, got pictures, and got into the limo. The drive to the clipper was long, but well worth it.

Cameron saw some people muttering, but he was too happy to care. When the clipper took off, and the wind whipped through his hair. He looked at the stars. This was perfect.

A song played he gently grabbed Cecilia. “May I have this dance, Cece?”

“You may, Cam.” She smiled, kissing his cheek. “Thank you. For everything.”

“I did it because sometimes you deserve to do what you want.”

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7 months ago

The palace in the stars
By Abyss

The stars. Ever vigilant bright lights that travel for millions of light-years. That’s what science claims. The prince of the palace in the stars says otherwise. He says stars are things of beauty, of passion, of loneliness, of eternal isolation. He lives in the palace among the stars alone dancing only with his shadow. He never noticed her. Or was she always there? He never knew, he never paid attention to anything other than the stars. Or, had she always been there, waiting for him?

He didn’t know, he didn’t care, did he? He was used to dancing alone, it felt weird to dance with someone else, with something else. She wasn’t human, then again, neither was he. But she was different, she made him feel different, weak at the knees and like his bones turned to jelly. They danced in the starlight, lit by the protons that traveled all that way. Just to watch them dance.

A step to the right, joining with the left foot, followed by a step back and a sweep. A dance he had done countless times before and could do perfectly. But with her… With her it felt like the first time he had ever danced. Or was it the first? Had he ever danced with someone other than his shadow? He didn’t remember, he didn’t care. He waltzed around the ballroom, the starlight following them around as they graciously flowed from one step to the next. Then, he realized something. He came to the conclusion that he hadn’t had a partner to dance, no beautiful lady or manifestation of the stars. Just his shadow and the starlight. The only company he had up in the palace in the stars.

C. M. Weller
7 months ago

Shall We Dance? [KoshDelia Ever After]
C. M. Weller

Finally, some years after her first sighting of it, Cordelia got to taste the Xiokolatl. It was everything the bards were wont to rave about and more. She could see why Nobles all over the continent were making peaceful overtures towards Och’lmexa. According to her sources, the Monitairn in the jungles where it grew were impressed by Humanity’s ability to eat it without dying.

It really was true what they said about one man’s poison.

Cordelia was in the midst of collecting a bowl of mallowsweets and strawberries to ladle the brown liquid over when someone tapped her shoulder. It was yet another Concerned Face in the usual glittering extravagance of Sparknight.

“Yes, I am POSITIVE that it’s safe to eat Xiokolatl while pregnant,” she recited. For the fortieth time in the queue. “If you try to prevent me, there will be trouble.”

“Oh. Uh. No, madam. Er. Your Majesty. It’s… your husband.”

“I am still getting my Xiokolatl before I deal with his trouble,” she insisted. “Who’s he happening to THIS time?”

“He’s dismantling the decorations, your Majesty.”

Thrice sworn king, breaker of chains, Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, ninth of the name; otherwise known as Kosh, was just barely visible clinging to a column and freeing the captive sprites that made everything in their light gleam and glisten all the more.

“The sprites don’t seem to be running away,” she noted. With deliberate motions, Cordelia took her time adding Xiokolatl to her bowl and selecting a delicate golden fork to consume her treats with. She also took her sweet time waddling over to her darling husband. There, she sighed, “Dear… You can’t save them ALL.”

“I can save this one.”

“You promised me a dance before my feet and my back put a halt to the opportunity.” She handed her bowl to a trailing maid. The dancing was more important for now.

He dropped down to the floor. “And I am not an oathbreaking Teufel.”

The sprites danced around them as they waltzed together. Little stars in a maelstrom of magical light.

7 months ago

To Dance is to Trust (A Song for: Kit)
By Lunabear (Edit help from Skeleton Prime) (Private Repost)

The ballroom’s orchestra was the first thing to capture Kit’s attention. Its sweeping strings and deep horns left her swaying.

The chandelier’s lights pulsated blue, muted white, and indigo. Intermittent streaks of gold shot across the indoor sky.

Tables were draped in dusky purple and sparkling stardust. Many of the guests sat, their faces half shadowed due to shimmering candles.

Kit gasped at the elegantly dressed couples waltzing high in the air.

Her fangs shone as she smiled wide. Tonight’s theme, Falling Stars, was exceeding all expectations.

Someone bumped into her. Turning, the angry words stuck in her throat.

A boy bowed. His skin was midnight and tattoos crawled up his neck. The scent of his blood screamed divinity. He. Was. Breathtaking.

“Apologies.” He offered his hand. “I’m Sharine. I haven’t seen you before.”

Kit accepted his hand, stuttering her name when he kissed her skin. “I-I was here last night.”

He repeated her name, seeming to savor its sound. “Beautiful. Would you like to dance?”

Sharine’s light squeeze sent magma up her arm.

Entranced, she found herself nodding and was whisked into a whirlwind. They spun and swirled, as though gliding on air.

His heat intoxicated her. Soon, she was lost to the magic. Kit rested her head against his collarbone. “It feels like we’re floating.” Her voice was dreamy.

Sharine chuckled in her ear. “Look down.”

She acquiesced and saw other guests moving beneath them. Kit squeaked, “How??”

He lifted her face. His eyes glowed with an iridescent teal light.


“Mmm. And you are vampire. I knew from your scent.”

“Wow. Can your blood truly allow my kind to feel the sun?”

Mischief curled his lips upward. “Would you like to find out?”

Kit thought for a moment, curiosity edging out caution. “Yes, actually.”

Sharine dipped her, laughing at her sudden yelp. “Good. Find me before dawn.”

Kit held fast to him.

Their feet met the ground, and she felt lightheaded.

His mouth touched her knuckles once more. “I hope to see you again soon.” Sharine strolled away, his gait regal.

Overwhelmed, Kit slumped into an empty seat.

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I’ve Had the Time of My Life and I Owe it All to You
By Marx

I like reading.

It’s the only time I can just… forget about my life. Demons become beings of fiction. If they exist, they’re the villains and they die at the end.

I’m never going to get that freedom. I’m his thrall. And on top of that, I’m his ‘favorite’.

I’m already torn from my reading as I feel his pull in my mind. He wants my attention.

I ignore him and turn another page. I focus on the classical music playing in the background. I focus on the words until they lose all meaning.

“Jasmine. Come. I wish to dance.”

My brows furrow with concentration as I fight with all my might against that instinctive urge to join him. My world becomes serifs and crossbars and spurs. My universe, the ebb and flow of the orchestra’s performance.

“I will not repeat myself.”

I freeze.

As much as I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of my fear, I know he can feel it anyway. His threat is clear.

Move or be moved.

And he can do that. Puppeteering my body is child’s play to him.

It’s… terrifying to experience.

So, I slam down my book and go to him as he smiles victoriously at my obedience.

My body betrays me. My heart flutters. Blood rushes to my face as I take in his handsome features despite knowing how horrid he is. This only increases when I touch his skin. When I feel my body pressed against his.

“I don’t know how to dance to music like this.” I say, forcing myself to avoid eye contact.

“Not a problem, my dear.” The way he smiles makes me immediately regret my words. I should have tried first. Now it’s too late. “Allow me.”

And just like that I’m hurled from the driver’s seat into the trunk. I’m forced into being a spectator in my own body as it elegantly spins and twirls with him around the floor.

I want to scream.

I want to cry.

I do neither. Instead, I memorize the steps so this won’t happen again.