Writing Group: Can’t Rain All the Time (PRIVATE)

Cheer up, Meteorologists and Storm Chasers!

Quite a downpour we’ve been having lately, huh? Don’t worry; we’ll walk in the sun again soon, because…

This week’s Writing Group prompt is:

Can’t Rain All the Time

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This prompt comes from the movie The Crow. “It can’t rain all the time” is from the protagonist, Eric’s, band. He quotes this to Sarah, a street kid he used to look after, to identify himself. This optimistic ideal characterizes Eric’s worldview before he’s brought back as a revenant one year after he and his fiancée were murdered. The two loved each other and had a bright future ahead of them. While his motive throughout the film is revenge, Eric still possesses that idealism deep down that one day the metaphorical rain will stop.

Funnily enough, this saying has made its way into popular culture well enough that knew it, despite not knowing of the movie when it was picked. Many of you might have heard it too. It’s the idea that “things won’t be bad forever” when it seems like they will be. Usually I’ve seen it applied when a character is feeling down for one reason or another, and another is trying to cheer them up, telling them that things will get better. 

It’s a really nice mantra in this way too. So many things one could say in this context are either unhelpful or untrue. “Chin up” or “It’s not the end of the world” often are quite dismissive and unhelpful. And, as for “It’ll be okay” or “Things’ll get better” well…unfortunately, one doesn’t know if that’s true, one can only hope so. But “It can’t rain all the time”? That is true. Even in places where it rains almost year round, it still doesn’t rain forever. Even in the world of the movie, where the world was supernaturally dreary, it still didn’t last forever. The same is true for the bad things in our lives.

In this use of the prompt, it could be interesting to consider which perspective you want to tell the story from. What would bring a character to the point where they feel like nothing will ever get better? And, on the other side, how might another go about cheering them up; what would bring them to the conclusion that it won’t last forever? Do they succeed in cheering them up, or does the first character run off saying ‘You don’t understand!’? 

You could also apply the mantra more like the character in the movie does. He’s maintaining a positive attitude, despite the dreadful situation he’s in. Maybe your character is able to stay optimistic and cheer themselves up. How do they do this? Perhaps you want to delve into their psyche, and/or show the effect they have on the world around them. I’ve been watching Ted Lasso lately, and Ted is a prime example of how someone who (almost) always maintains a positive attitude. This positivity affects everyone around him (usually in good ways). But this isn’t necessarily easy. Watching this show, it highlights to me the fact that I haven’t seen a whole lot of characters who are like this, and how real people like that are even rarer. I would be curious to see how you all might write a character of this sort. 

You could also take the prompt in a much more literal direction. The prompt makes me think of kids inside the house, staring at the rain outside the window, groaning that they’re bored. A parent might walk by saying “It can’t rain all the time. It’ll let up eventually.” Often with these scenes, however, it’s what the kids do inside that becomes far more interesting. Think of the scene in Narnia where they’re bored in the rain and decide to play hide and seek…something that sets their life in a completely new direction. 

Another way you could apply that idea is by having your characters go out and play in the rain. It can’t rain all the time, true, but maybe your characters can learn to enjoy the rain anyways. Maybe there is good to be found in even the darkest situation. 

“Rain” could mean different things. Maybe you want to write about sun showers, where the sun is out while it’s raining. Maybe you want to write about freezing rain, or acid rain—something that could seriously harm you if you went outside. It could be something like the sludge falling from the sky and corrupting the Zoras’ domain in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You could go the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs direction and write about the strange circumstances that could cause things like food to rain down. What about fantasy worlds and alien planets? What sort of rain occurs there is limited only by your imagination. 

However, considering this has become a saying that means “Things won’t be bad forever” you could even play with different kinds of weather than rain. Back where I used to live in Seattle, “It can’t rain all the time” was certainly the apt phrase. But here, in Texas, “It can’t be sun all the time” would be the more fitting idiom. Perhaps you could play with this sort of thing. What other weather could be the “bad” that will eventually end? How could you still make the prompt clear while using a different weather phenomenon? 

Other things could symbolically act as rain. A leaky faucet could feel like a constant rain. A waterfall could be like rain (though waterfalls do generally rain all the time, so I’d be curious to see how you might use this one. Perhaps the troll living beneath it believes the rain will eventually stop, not realizing it’s a waterfall that won’t?). One of my personal favorite images is equating tears to rain—like in Fullmetal Alchemist when Roy Mustang’s friend dies and he says it’s a terrible day for rain, even though it isn’t raining, signifying that he’s crying. 

My first challenge is a simple one. Last week there was a lot of introspection going on, and my challenge related to it. This prompt is one that could easily be introspective too. My challenge is to not use introspection! Last week we explored how to make introspection interesting. This week, why not explore using devices other than introspection to convey the emotion you want?

My other challenge is to use onomatopoeia somewhere in your story! In a story about rain, “plinks” and “plonks” and “dribbles” are all fair game. Help us to feel more grounded in the scene with the onomatopoeia(s) you use! 

Remember, these challenges aren’t mandatory! They are meant to be a fun bonus if you’d like to have a little extra challenge. But, if you don’t want to use them, please don’t feel obligated to!

Look at that. The storm let up! Just like I told you it would. Now we just need to get out of these wet clothes.

—Pearce & Kaylie 

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Rules and Guidelines

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jesse fisher
jesse fisher
21 days ago

Terrible Day for Rain
By Jesse Fisher

The background knows of the ambents of the water flowing. A lone figure sat in the damp grass, slick cloth wicked the falling water away. A face obscured by the hood as they looked out to the field. Each plant was drenched in the rain, yet as the water fell there was a beauty to it. Yet the figure is looking to the sky, angled just so no water reached the inside of the cloak.

“I heard tales of when the sky was clear and light filled it from the horizons.” The sky filled its eyes. “I can’t imagine such a thing. As far as I can remember the clouds have stayed in the sky and water has fallen.”

The figure heard the sound of another walk up to them.

“I remember the sun, the warmth of it on my skin and the feeling of the dry ground.”

This other figure stood next to the sitting one.

“Really,” A listless voice lowering their head. “I can’t recall.”

“Or do you choose not to recall?”

“The sky was always like this. The sun was hidden from me and the warmth that it held.”

“Warmth that you deny yourself.”

“Maybe I just don’t want to get burned by that warmth!”

At this point the sitting figure looked and saw no one was there, and yet it was only now that the weather had changed. While still gray the sky was beginning to clear, as the rain stopped. Almost as if the weight fell from their shoulders.

1 month ago

Together in the Mud
By Cansas Wanderlust

“Alright, let me scan your bracelet. Thank you. What’s your name and date of birth?”

“Harrison Burnan. December 21st, 1997”

“Alrighty,” the nurse said looking up from her screen. “Round 2. You guys need anything?”

I looked at Harry and shook my head.

“I’ll check in again in a bit.”

“Thank you,” Harry and I said in unison.

“By the time we’re done I’m gonna know my name and birthday so well,” Harry chuckled.

I grunted in acknowledgment. My head pounding to the beat of the meds pumping through the tubes.

Harry looked at me and sighed. “You were up all night again, weren’t you?”

I grunted again.

“The doctors here are some of the best in the country. It’s not up to you alone.”

Another grunt.

“Chrissy.” He put his hand on my cheek. “I can’t have you killing yourself trying to save me.”

I jumped up throwing the chair behind me. “Why not?! Why can’t I do everything in my power to save you? These doctors don’t have my abilities so it’s up to me alone to save you. If it ends up killing me, fine. I could use a good nap.” I ran my fingers across my scalp. “I’ll end up dead if I lose you anyway.”

Harry looked up at me, crystal eyes shining.

“What?” I snapped.

“It just hits me sometimes, how lucky I am to have such a strong and passionate witch to call my wife.”

I sighed and collapsed back into my chair laying my head on his shoulder. “I just don’t know how much more I can take. I couldn’t save Morana, I wasn’t strong enough to stop the battle in Time Square, now I can’t even cure a stupid human disease. Everytime I try to get back on my feet and focus on the good, something else happens to kick me back in the mud.”

He wrapped his arms around me and said, “I know. But we will get through this together. The rain can’t last forever. But in the meantime, I’ll stay with you in the mud.”

1 month ago

When The Rain Comes Down (Chronicles of The Dragon: Berri)
By Makokam

“Uh… Can I hide under here with you?”

“Hmm? Well, I wouldn’t call it hiding, but sure.”

“What would you call it?”



“Yeah. I’m not afraid of the rain. If it goes on too long I’ll go out get to where I need to go. I just don’t want to get wet. So, for now, I’m waiting.”

“I…think I’m afraid of getting wet.”

“Haha. Yeah, getting wet is always worse when you don’t have a warm dry place to go, or clothes to change into. I could show you my favorite shelter. Sometimes they even have new clothes to give out.”

“You have a favorite shelter?”

“Yeah… I may be biased because there’s a lady there who’s always nice to me. It’s still a nice shelter though. It’s been a lifesaver since I lost my home.”

“I was thrown out.”

“Oh… That’s terrible. I can’t quite relate. My wife left me, and I lost the house in the divorce. I was able to rent a nice apartment, but then I lost my job, and between the alimony and rent, my savings disappeared before I could get a new job.”

“Do you have a job now?”

“I do! … Kinda. I signed up with a place that provides labor on a day to day basis. It doesn’t pay much, and some days there’s no job. But I’ve been able to take some classes online at the shelter and a library. So hopefully I can get a new job and start supporting myself again.”

“I’ve… never had a job. I keep getting bounced around. I found a way into a church tower though. I’ve been sleeping there.”

“Well, it’s good you have a place to go, but the priests would probably let you stay in the church if you really needed it, or at least shown you to a shelter.”

“I don’t like staying at shelters… I don’t want people to know where I am.”

“Ah. I’ve met a few people like that. Life can really beat down on you sometimes. But as they say, can’t rain all the time.”

1 month ago

Moving On
By MasaCur

Nick arrived on the twenty-third floor, and made his way to the Solvent Communications office.

“Hello, Security.”

“Ooh, it’s my personal security guard!” Amy called back.

Nick smiled and shook his head. For some reason, Amy always called for him specifically to escort her to her car when she was working late. His coworkers questioned this, but it was a perfectly innocent arrangement. She must have found him trustworthy

Truthfully, he didn’t mind. Amy was funny and pretty. Almost as pretty as Molly had been.

“All finished?”.

Amy stretched and nodded. “Yeah, the firewall update is compiling. Hopefully nothing goes wrong. I’d hate to have to come back tomorrow to fix it.”

“You have plans, I take it? Hot date?”

Amy smirked. “More like D&D with the girls.”

Nick felt his thought train grind to a halt. Amy didn’t look like the kind of girl that would play Dungeons and Dragons. On the other hand, she didn’t look like the type with an IT job either.

“What about you?” Amy asked. “Plans for tomorrow night?”


Amy’s nose crinkled. “You’re always working. Seriously, I work late two times a month, and not once have you ever been off shift when I called.”

“It keeps me busy.”

Amy’s nose crinkled more. “Sounds like you’re avoiding something. What’s wrong?”

Nick felt a wave of grief flood over him, thinking of Molly losing control of her car. His jaw shuddered.

“Nick, did I say something wrong?”

Nick took a deep breath. “Sorry. I’m just…I, uh, I don’t get out much since my…wife…died.”

“I’m sorry. How long ago was that?”

Nick blinked away tears. “Um, fourteen months last Friday.”

Amy shook her head. “That doesn’t sound like you’re just doing this to keep busy. It sounds like you’re trying to avoid dealing with your loss.”


“No. Nick, you’re going to phone in sick tomorrow, and I’ll skip D&D. And I’m taking you out to dinner.”

“There are rules against me socializing with an office tenant.”

Amy got a mischievous grin on her face. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

1 month ago

“Blossoming Rains” (Alinar Setting)

By: Arith_Winterfell

Leana desperately wanted to learn magic, but continued to feel unease about the motives of the traveling mage. Mostly because of his appearance. He wore common gray robes, and the only obvious feature of his heritage was his horns that swept back and seemed to lay in his hair. He was fiend-blooded so of course she was wary about trusting him.

“Let me show you something.” The fiend-blooded mage whispered in Leana’s ear. “Look!” he said softly as he finished the last gesture of magic.

The energy weaved itself around her. She turned her eyes to where he pointed, out the door to the falling rain. She watched the wondrous sight as the rain drops slowed down to almost the point of being frozen in place. The droplets fell with gentle beauty beneath the gray skies.

Leana stepped out in the slowed rain. She reveled in the wonder of it and danced amidst the raindrops. She passed one here. Spun beneath another there. Leaping over a third raindrop as it blossomed on the ground beneath her. Indeed, the water droplets blossomed all around her, on every leaf and blade of grass, into puddles and stones.

She turned to look back upon the fiend-blooded one and saw he was smiling. Not the sinister smile of someone tricking another, but a genuine smile of someone enjoying something beautiful. She realized he wasn’t smiling at the wonder of the rainfall. Rain flowed normally to him, as she was the only one magically hastened. No, he was smiling because of her.

To him, she was a blur of steps amidst the rain as she emerged back into the shelter of the barn. Then they sat together in silence, each watching from their different perspectives, the flow of the rain from the heavens till it blossomed on the ground.

“I want to learn magic,” she said finally.

“And I will teach it too you,” the fiend-blooded one said with a smile.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arith_Winterfell
1 month ago

All the rain in a day
By Green
“is it gonna happen?”

“Any minute, keep an eye out the window.”

teaching at this school, you never expected silence on this day. The roar of children when something unique was happening would rival the rush and gush of the water outside. And today, Mrs Margot joined in, multiplying the uproar by ten.

“Mrs is it true that the sun can make you blind?”

“Yes Jake, but only if you beat it at a staring contest. It’s very jealous.”

“Mrs, I’ve heard you’re from Earth, you’ve probably seen the Sun loads, right?”

“Shut up, Bobby. There’s no way Mrs is from Earth, she’s always lived here. Besides everyone knows the sun doesn’t actually exist.”

a prevailing theory of every seven-year-old on Venus.

“Martin! That’s not very nice. Of course, the sun exists. You’ll see it soon!” raising her voice she then called “Then back to class for times tables!”

The class booed back, but she didn’t listen. remembering instead her first day with Sun on the planet.


“No! Please!”

she bashed against the cupboard door at the back of the classroom.

“Please! William! Please, let me out!” tears pouring down her little face.

“No! Please, I can’t miss it” she sobbed. “ Please!”

Falling to her knees, she cursed this horrible soggy planet full of bullies. all of them calling her a liar for believing in the bright yellow penny in the sky.

For seven years it rained here, showing the sun for only two hours. it was her last chance to feel something of home, of Earth.

And she was going to miss it.

Slowly the deluge began again.

with a kerchunk, the cupboard opened.

“I’m so sorry, Margot…” her classmates apologised.
William is out front, tears in his eyes as well.

“We didn’t know…”


The constant tatting drum of the school’s tin roof had pattered to a standstill.

The children escaped into the warming mud, already making castles and memories in the clay.

Margot, sat watching them. holding hands with a handsome young man, his right shoulder covered in a bright yellow penny tattoo.

“I love you William” she whispered.

1 month ago

The… Least-Concerning Proposal This Year? (Students of the DiamondBridge Academy universe)
by Carrie (Glaceon373)

With a thunk of a three-inch stack of paper hitting the table, Acting Principal Nicklescribe cleared his throat. “I’ve had an idea, and I’m sure you’ll all appreciate it!”

Judging by the amount of empty chairs in the faculty meeting room, much of the staff of the DiamondBridge Academy hadn’t appreciated the measly half-hour warning of the meeting being called. Mrs. Tizip had brought a notebook, Dr. K had his arms folded, and Prof. Paqulamar was the picture-perfect example of an attentive listener.

“It’s part fundraiser, part school spirit-lifter, and I’m positive the students will just love it!” From the top of the stack, Nicklescribe plucked some papers and passed them around. “I believe it’s time for the school to sponsor some friendly competition, don’t you think? A simple game of defense and offense where our students can test their practical skills in a safe and controlled environment. ‘Capture the Flag’ is the working title, by the way: if any of you have a better idea, please let me know.”

He smiled a wide, closed-mouth smile.

“Question,” Mrs. Tizip said, staring at the paper. “How ‘safe and controlled’ is this environment, exactly?”

“And you’ve scheduled it for next Saturday,” Dr. K stated. “It will rain that day, and there is a full moon that night. Would you like to reschedule?”

“And will the teachers get to play?” asked Prof. Paqulamar.

“Relax! Relax,” Nicklescribe laughed. “I’ll handle the fine details, no worries. And we have weather-shielding spells, yes? Also, Paqulamar, while this is really for the students, I was actually hoping you would be willing to have a larger role in this project, if you wish…?”

Paqulamar smiled. “Yes. I would.”

“Wonderful! That’s all for today. Meeting adjourned!”

Nicklescribe took his stack of papers and left the room in a flourish.

“Out of all the past pitches of his,” Tizip mused, “this seems like it might not be terrible. For once.”

K nodded. “If he’s being honest with us, this could actually succeed.”

“And if he isn’t? Well…” Paqulamar cracked a confident smile. “He just let me do something about it.”

Fog Wall
Fog Wall
1 month ago

In Decision
~Fog Wall

James placed my bowl on a table as he joined me. Using the toe of his boot he pulled a chair half-way out and took a seat at the table I just broke. “Calm down and talk to me. Koelle, what’s bothering you?”

I met his eyes; they were sleepy pools of gray that stole my anger away. “James, why did you join me that day? Why accept my offer?”

He blinked and glanced down at my still clenched fist before answering. He gave a yawn and lazily scratched his scalp. “Well, I had no direction before. I was studying to be a bioelectrical engineer, but the schooling was too expensive. Something like twenty-five million haal for the ten year program. Working at that media firm was only like five hundred haal a week.”

This was a frustrating feeling. To be torn between the life I dreamt of and the found family that took me in… I fell back into my seat. “Back when I was a kid living in the alleys, I promised myself that I would never steal from anyone.”

“And now that’s your job. To steal from the rich and powerful for the benefit of thousands who deserve a better existence.”

His voice was sharp and his words felt like needles piercing my heart. “That’s right.” I told him with a whispered pause. “I owe this place and these people my life though. They saved me when I had no one to rely on.” I told him, feeling the contempt of my predicament come back in full force.

He must have seen something change in my expression, because he leaned forward onto the busted table. “Koelle, you’ve done plenty for them and I’m sure, if they’re your family, they’d understand and support your decision to leave.”

My heart skipped a beat as clarity washed over me, quickly but not completely erasing my contemplation. “You’re right, I guess.”

“After that close call you had… I think some real change will do you well, Sis. Not every day’s a rainy one.”

I smiled, “Today’ll be sunny.”

1 month ago

If You Keep On Believing, A Dream That You Wish Will Come True
By Marx

“I’m sick of this!” Ella shouted, petulantly stomping her little feet. “I’m sick of all these stupid demons! I wanna go outsiiiiiiiiiiii-yeeeeeede”

Cindy sighed. “I know this isn’t fair, child. But it–”

“–won’t always be this way.” Ella mocked, stomping to her bed, arms crossed and lip poked out. “That’s what you always say…”

“…Do you remember the man who brought me to you?”

“…the scary man with the black eyes?”

“Yes.” Cindy chuckled. “He’s doing everything in his power to fix this world. And the demons think he’s scary too. I promise you child, this won’t last forever.”

There was silence as Ella stopped actively complaining, but Cindy frowned as the little girl kept sulking. That was when inspiration hit Cindy and she began casting a spell in her mind. “You know… he stopped by earlier today with a gift.”

Ella’s attention immediately snapped to Cindy. “…gift?”

Cindy reached behind her, finishing the spell and brought forth the conjured pair of transparent slippers.

Ella’s eyes bulged as she let out a tiny squeal. “Are those–?”

“He found them for me. Would you like to try them on?”

Cindy had never seen the little girl move so quickly in her life. In a flash, Ella was on the floor and slipping her feet into the slippers, which shrank to fit. With more subtle spellcasting, Cindy conjured the illusion of an elegant blue ball dress and the tiara to match.

“Eeeeeeeeeee!” Ella screamed as she twirled and then ran for her mother at the door. “Mommy! Mommy! I’m a princess!”

Her mother chuckled with a wide grin. “You look beautiful, sweetheart. Why don’t you show your father?”


The two women watched Ella run down the hall before the mother gave Cindy a look. “They aren’t actually made of glass, are they?”

“Of course not.”

“Didn’t you say your slippers were gold?”

Cindy nodded. “She prefers the glass slipper version.”

“She does.” Ella’s mother chuckled, before her amusement fell. “Can your friend really stop all this madness?”

“He can.” Cindy replied, looking out the window. “He will.”